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I need to stop changing this title... :stare:

This guy is stumped about what he's thinking about.

Or he's LOST!

I'm not sure if the title should be 'huh' or 'lost'. Tell me what you think in the comments. :la:

This is for a contest hosted here:

I know I'm not gonna win. But I wanted to try with something. :dummy:

Good luck to everybody else who entered. c:

I just noticed dA doesn't have a emote like this. DA Y U NO HAS A PONDERING EMOTE??

I just noticed that most of my emotes are blue. O_O

I guess I'm attracted to that color. xD
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The expression is great! I think this is the best static version of thinking/ confusion I've seen so far!
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Thank you so much! :tighthug:
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o.o This is in the dA media, Luckyyy. :U
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all emotes are added there but only some make it to that first page.

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aww, dat face ^__^
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I like the shading of the emote. Clean and simple :D It really puts more focus on the expression
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Thank you!! :love:


ahfjkahfakjfhsaj.  I feel like a fanboy (is there even such thing? xD).


But getting a critique from you is a honor! I'm like all happy inside now. :aww:


Thank youuuuu!! :tighthug:


you're amazing.

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This little dude is so me :giggle:
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That's how I felt before I came up with the idea for this emote! xD

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Do we not have a pondering emote? :iconponderplz:

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Not that I know of. I know there is a :confused: emote though. :D

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You should check the name of that plz I used. :paranoid:
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Oh. I know...


I meant in the dA legend. xD

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Ahh. Well, with the fancy new Add Media thingy acting essentially like the fabled Emoticon Dictionary, I think that :ponder:  can function good enough for the legend to thankfully not be such an impasse for custom emote users anymore.
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I totally forgot about that. 

I tried I see if my emote was there but it wasn't. :noes:
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Yeah, usually it takes new emotes a while to show up on a search.
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I think "Huh" Works :nod:
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So 'huh' or 'confused'?
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