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EDIT: This is pretty outdated since the new logo but I'm not gonna change it so if anybody wants to make a new version of this be my guest. :)

I've seen a lot of these 'Keep Calm and..' posters but none of them really ever appealed to me so I made this! It was simple.. But I think the green doesn't look good on this. D: <

If you want to add this to your page go ahead! It's alright with me.

Now that I think about it. This could be a really cool keychain.. If they still had the deviantArt shop. D: <

Please don't start complaining about how this is so stupid and overused. I know that. I just wanted to make my own version of it.

Edit: It's on the front page!!!! :faint: Thank you for the overwhelming response to this! :love:

Devious and deviant do not have the same meanings. :stare:

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i want this as a poster 
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This is so clever that I don't think anyone could call this 'stupid and overused'. This is amazing! It's in my favorites.
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Wonderful 👀
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If you say so! :salute:
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That's right.
Nice work! :) I still think I like a bit more about the old logo...:hmm:
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Used in my profile page :iconimhappyplz:
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Heh, nice one :clap:
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I added it to my profile! :-)
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Thank you! :'D
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Why do I feel that if this deviation had a song, it would sound like  Mekakushi Code'?
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I make sure to follow this logic at all times >:l
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this is sooooo cool!!!
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Hi there,
I just wanted to know what font you used for this? :happybounce:
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"I keep fucking my life to save Yours"!:XD:
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Brace yourselves

"This is me" comments are comming
This is so me everyday
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