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A teaful of Bookworm

This is for my dear friend Beth! Happy belated birthday my friend!! I'm very upset I had to miss it. :saddummy:

But I tried to make it up to you by making bookworm with your favorite drink: TEA! :dummy:

Happy Belated Birthday! :love:

It's even icon-sized if you want to use it. :la:

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Oh my goodness, it's perfect :heart: Bookworm looks just adorable in your style! And I adore your pixelling, the bow and teacup and heart all look fantastic (better than I can pixel!). The tea seems like it'd be delicious :giggle: Thank you so much for this, I don't care if it's belated or not, it's just wonderful to have you back!! :huggle:
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Thank you! I tried to capture Bookworm's shyness in this picture. Thus why she is hiding half of herself behind the teacup. XD

Awww, thank you very very much! Although the bow isn't completely mine. I saved the base a while back but I can't remember who made it. D:

Haha. I was thinking of putting Bookworm inside the tea to splash around but I don't think Bookworm would do that. XD

You're welcome!! It's wonderful to be back. I missed you Beth. You are one of my greatest friends. :tighthug: :heart:
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Welcome! Ah, she is very shy, and loves hiding, so you did that perfectly! :la:

Still, looks like you used the base well! c:

Aww, she would've been cute if she'd done that :giggle: I imagine she would have fallen in in that case :XD:

I missed you too! You mean just as much to me, and I'm honoured to be valued so highly by you :tighthug: :heart:
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Maybe I should try to do it, another time when my animation skills aren't so rusty.

Aww. Thank you Beth. :heart: I really mean it, you are of the nicest people I've met online, I just really wished I had a irl friend like you. :saddummy:
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Oh no, you don't have to do that at all! This is perfect enough!

No problem George :heart: Aww, that's so sweet c': Don't you have anyone remotely like me irl? I wish I could be there to fill that gap then!
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