I woke up with no pants on

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It feels like I have time travelled back .... holy crap I was here 6 years ago?  DeviantArt still appears to suck since its some slow web 2.0 crap now.   

Here is a basic "where are they now" for me.  I quit the whole art thing years ago and now people pay me money to argue crazy shit and publish it.
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DeviantART. Once monumental. Now monumental BULLSHIT.
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I got a bunch of e-mails about password retrievals from the site. Im assuming lots of phishing now.

Rather hefty request but since ive missed a few years, anything really big take place. I left when the whole Jark getting 'fired' thing went on.
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Ah, no. I don't participate much here anymore either. After spyed took over, the primary goals of the site were turned to monetizing and marketing for every aspect instead of art and expression. I only return to keep up with people I used to know and check comments every now and again. And you know, just like real art, once in a while you come across a diamond in this endless sea of bullshit.