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Gleaming the Cube

plus points to whoever knows the title reference

Anyways another shot of the recent eclipse. I got another pic here -> [link]

and if you want to know the set up i use check this page -> [link]
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Wow!!! How on earth did you do that?
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Eclipse. Nice. When was it taken?
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I could never take a picture like that in a million years! Good job.
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great lighting ;)
seriously, great shot!
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skate movie with T hawk and crew, also with that guy from Scarface as the cop...

nice shot
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what type of lens did you use?
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Very beautiful image of Moon eclipse
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amazing colors on this picture, very creepy.
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This is such a beautiful and an amazing shot. I really love how you captured the warm reds and yellows of the moon, and the contrast between the lightest part of the moon and the black really makes this stand out. The textures also look wonderful and create a lot of interest, and I like how you used the off-center focal point. Great work! :)

- Ashley
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very nice
take care
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Nice Shoot, that moon looks like Mars.
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Gleaming the cube is a bad movie starring Christian Slater.
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bad!!??? nein! that movie and the wizard were quintessential to my childhood.
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wow, I've never seen the moon with the light hitting it at that angle before... beautiful shot!
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Wow that a crazy capture!!! Its so clear. well done ;)
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Wow, that's really beautiful. Good job. :D
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Really amazing!! i love the colour and texture. nicely done :)
Looks like an annular eclipse?
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holy cow,
what'd you use to take this?
it looks amazing!
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Wonderful picture. :w00t!:
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Beautiful moon...
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Nice shots dude.

Gotta love the old school skate films too
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