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8 Facts About: Dorothy
Wasn't tagged, just thought it'd be a fun little thing to do.

1.) Although it’s pretty obvious Thea is a demon, specifically, she is a succubus.
2.) Thea has spines that protrude from her back. She can easily retract them, but when spooked, they can unexpectedly shoot back out.
3.) Thea is an avid Dragon Quest fan, more specifically of the franchise’s mascot, the Slime. She collects all sorts of Slime merchandise and her favorite game in the main series is Dragon Quest II.
4.) Despite being able to retract her back spines, she can’t do the same for her tail and horns. She’s very self-conscious about her demonic features and hates how intimidating they make her appear. She curls up her succubus tail and covers it with a plush bunny tail, and passes off her horns as a hair accessory.
5.) The reason why there is a tuft of hair hanging between Thea’s eyes is to cover her nose, as she is self-conscious about it.
6.) Whe
:iconhikkhyric:HikkHyric 3 16
Larger than Life by J-Campanella
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10 Facts About My OCs!
Tagged by :iconIdioticMuffin:
Post the following rules.
Post 10 facts about your OC.
Tag 3 to 8 people be sure to include their avatars and the OC of theirs you want them to use.
As per :iconIdioticMuffin:'s request, rather than doing one oc, I'll be posting some facts about a few of them. I've got some decently detailed bios on dA for a couple characters already. So, here's some characters without bios currently!
(As much as I could prattle on about Sheila and Lilith, I don't think I'll put them in here. Maybe another time.)

1. Makana's first appearance was in a game of D&D, or pathfinder more specifically.
I was running a "mega-dungeon" styled adventure, one of my own creation. In order to make it feel less lonely, and more like a proper dungeon, I wanted to have other groups of adventurers delving down into the ruins as well. One particular group had come across several misfortunes. This giant lass already had a hard time in
:iconj-campanella:J-Campanella 2 3
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bikini snek :iconfluffernubber:Fluffernubber 369 22
Weiss shrinking to escape by ChubbyPumpkinn
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In case anyone wants to donate, here's a donation pool.

Mostly want to either commission artists or perhaps save enough to get a CORE membership, since people seem to be getting those a lot.

remember, it is entirely up to you if you want to donate or not, but it would be much appreciated.

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Time to get this out of my system.

Almost two weeks ago I had been wanting to commission a pretty good artist named Gubblenub, who specialises in some decent SFW content for the nice price of $20 for 2 characters and a background.

One thing to keep in mind is that they recently changed their rules so that, whilst they can draw some partially lewd content like yaoi/yuri (and some other minor kinks), they won't be able to draw explicit content, like full-on nudity or insertions.
So I had tried following their rules and came up with an idea that would at least suit how they set up their guidelines. In short, they said it sounded good to them. I then had to wait for a week because during the time I had offered a commission idea, their slots were full. I understood that and caused no fuss over it, waiting patiently until they would get back to me.
Come the next week, they ask if I still want that slot and I reply with a simple yes. They then ask for my PayPal so I can get an invoice from them. Thing is, with my experience so far with invoices, I can't have the option to disclose my address, so I say to them that I would rather pay like normal.
They then say that they can only do it through invoices because it goes through their payment organisation. Again, this is something I can understand and all, but it would be nice if there were other options to consider beforehand rather than make it the only choice.
I then ask "so even if I sent you the $20 now, that would be voided because it wasn't through an invoice?" They said "yes and I would refund the money."
After that, I thought to at least try it out for a change and see where it goes from there. I send my email to him... and then he declines my commission. He thanks me for my interest and wishes me luck and success in finding another artist.

To this day I haven't been given a reason by him as to why he did that. My speculations were that I either stalled and someone else took the slot offered to me or Gubblenub thought that I was questionable because I refused to work with invoices at first. It was a genuine disappointment. And what made it more bothersome for me was that after all of that, they then asked their watchers what YCH they should put a discount onto. They ended up marking up the original price of one ($80) to make it so that the original price was the new discounted one, meaning the new original price was now $90.

The thing is, I don't dislike Gubblenub. I really don't. I enjoyed some of their content and even commissioned them once before (without an invoice as well, interestingly enough). And to have them not respond to me and metaphorically sweep me under the rug is kind of unfair to me, especially when I see other watchers of theirs say "oh he's really good to work with, he knew just what to do for me!"

So :icongubblenub:, I'm sorry that you're probably going to read this as a hateful rant or something, because I'm not angry at you. I'm just upset that I didn't get any sort of response back from you, and really I just want to know what I did wrong. 
Why do I keep getting tagged with these?

So thanks to :iconbooman1:, I've been tagged to do another facts journal about another OC of mine, this time it's Karen.

Karen by artfonproduction

  1. Karen's biggest size so far is 76ft - this fact might not be so big, but so far this is subject to change. Either way it's an inconvenience for trying to make some temporary clothes.
  2. Her full name is Karen Gemma Benson - just a simple name for someone who was once an average person.
  3. What causes her to grow is... currently ambiguous - despite the obvious glowing green aura around Karen whenever she's a giantess, it's currently unknown (meaning I haven't come up with anything that sounds decent) as to what caused this to occur. It's currently mixed between "got into an accident involving some form of man-made experiment" or "alien encounter lmao," whichever sounds like a better backstory.
  4. She has quite a libido - Karen tries her best to hide it, but whenever she's good friends with someone (whether it's at her old job or whoever she meets and trusts), she's not afraid to tell them how she feels. On a side-note she's also quite submissive, which for many would contradict her rather intimidating size.
  5. Before the accident, Karen had brown eyes - this one's more of a factoid, but to be fair all of this might as well be.
  6. Some of the ways Karen starts to grow depends on her body's hormonal levels - this one's a bit tough to explain, but here's a simple way of explaining it: often times she grows from sex, sometimes from stress, even sometimes from mere ovulation. It's like whenever the Hulk emerges due to anger/stress, except with Karen it's a bit more difficult to accurately depict when she'll start growing.
  7. Karen's probably bi-curious or something - she pretty much prefers men for... obvious reasons, but there are some exceptions to her. One idea that came to mind between me and :iconbooman1: was that Karen would've had a "friends with benefits" relationship with his character, Nancy.
  8. Karen really dislikes most of the usual giantess fetish fodder (i.e. crushing, vore, destruction, etc...) - as said before, Karen's still just an average person, so whenever she hears about stuff regarding giantesses (especially fetishes involving excretions) she just kinda feels disgusted to have people associate her with that sort of content. Karen will even try and avoid destroying buildings not just because of the consequences that come from doing such a thing, but because it's the last thing she'd want to deal with aside from being taller than her old home.
  9. Most of the new places that Karen has to live in are shady/dingy motels - ever since her first growth, Karen can't really live in her old home anymore, so she has to adapt to places that she'd never expect herself to live in. She also has to make do with cheap, larger (and potentially more irritating) clothes to make up for her new size.
  10. Her overall character was meant to be a slight subversion of typical giantess characters - like how she grows through a slightly remedied version of cancer (as in development of cells, not terminal cancer), how her normal body slowly ends up increasing in size (so she goes from being about... 5ft-something to around 7ft-something whilst maintaining her original body height), how Karen's trying to handle everything (like being chased by the government, having to deal with no longer having a normal life) and what she'd do to prevent herself from growing more (i.e. trying to take some suppression pills to avoid having too much oestrogen in her system).
It might not be the best, but at least it's honest.

Anyways, onto tagging people (because I apparently have to do that):

- :iconchubbicherub: Lukie
- :iconj-campanella: I know you already made some partial bios for a majority of your characters, so... maybe you could give some nice little factoids about any of them?
- :iconchaos-force: really whatever character you'd like to write about, I don't mind.
Some artists: "yeah i can draw things like wedgies, abdl, expansion and some other fetishes"

also some artists: "no sorry i don't draw explicit art, sfw art only plz"
Vinny, except he's in a schut game.
Self-explanatory, it's fan-art of Vinny from Vinesauce if he was a character in Gungeon.

The mushroom sprite, as well as Vinny's likeness, were custom made. Everything else was either from the Gungeon wiki or created as a mock-up.
Bit of a quick vent - why is Frozen photoshop art such a prominent thing on this site? It just looks so ridiculous and off-putting.


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