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So. This all started last summer. I was in a real life campaign, and met this girl. We’ll call her Sammy. Now, I’d been in a play with Sammy before, since we were both in the same theatre class the year before, but this was the first time I really met her. We talked for the entire summer, and I even got her number so we could chat, too! Then, stuff started becoming.. odd. One day, I went over to her house, and we watched one of my favorite movies: “The Goonies”. (What should’ve been a red light was she’d never watched it before, but I digress) We we’re sitting on this big ass chair, just two chicks being friends with some cats here and there, and she starts to lean her head on my shoulder. At the time, I didn’t think much of it, and continued to watch the movie. Then, it hit around 12am, and she fell asleep on me, which, again, I didn’t mind.

The next morning, when I got home, she confessed to me, and passive aggressively asked me out. Me being a person who can’t say no in awkward situations, I accepted. That’s when I sold my soul to a literal devil. A few months go by, and I’m dating a phycopath who hates me, my friends, my family and, over everything else, my personality. Every day, her and my closest friend at the time would gang up and harass the fuck out of me, then after say “you runt, it was only a joke!” (I’m 5’, so they said my short stature made me “the runt of my pathetic family”. You can see who inspired good ol’ Heloria.)

Then, my best guy friend in the entire universe, we’ll call him Ryan, made me break from my fake love curse and see her in her true glory: nothing more than a heartless “good girl”.

I broke up with her, her obviously calling me every name in the book when I said it was over, and blocked her on EVERYTHING.

The reason why I’m saying this now? I just recently found some old screenshots of the conversations we had.

Ah, I hate Sammy, but she’s moved on to insaner waters now.

Okay, so, I'm having my commissions open again!

Ways to Pay:

  • Paypal
  • DA points
  • Venmo
Available Things & Pricing:
  • Heashot: $1 or 100 points
  • Bust: $2 or 2000 points
  • Halfbody: $4 or 400 points
  • Head-to-Knees: $5 or 500 points
  • Fullbody: $6 or 600 points
  • Chibi Headshot: $0.50 or 50 points
  • Chibi Fullbody: $4 or 400 points
  • Cell Shading +$1 or 100 points
  • Soft Shading +2 or 200 points
  • Extra Character +1/2 original pricing
What I like:
  • Pastel colored customs
  • Neko/Fonice/Customs with animal appendages
  • magical customs
  • fantasy customs
  • boba-based customs
  • sweets-based customs
What I don't want:
  • furry customs
  • bright colored customs
  • mary sue or eyestraining customs
  • Customs with really no effort.
I'll give you what you give me. If you give me a bust, I'll give you a bust, You give me a sketch, I'll give you a sketch, etc.

I'd like Quality over Quantity for art of the customs. I'll draw as much of your custom I'll give you as you draw of the one you're giving me.

Note me if you'd like to do one~ I may or may not accept =w='
So, I'm needing some points, so I'm opening my commissions again!
Icon: 100 points
Busts: 200 points
Head & Shoulders: 400 points
Half Body: 500 points
Full Body: 800 points
Chibi Full Body: 850 points
Chibi Ref Sheet: 950 points
Normal Ref Sheet: 900 points
Custom bust: 400 points
Moodboard (Like, a normal moodboard): 100 points
Beep Box Oc Theme: 1000 points
Hopefully this is okay ;^;'
If you want a commission, send me a note! You can pay me in either points or money on PayPal
Hi guys! so, as you know, I'm starting to make "Paranoia & Fovos", which is my webcomic! Sadly, I won't be putting it on DA. Instead, I'll be putting it on Tapas, which you can see it here:…

I hope you like it qwq Have a great day!
So, uh, I'm trying to make my art better (My style, my lineart, my coloring, my shading and my highlighting, as well as my backgrounds.) any ideas or tips? I've been practicing nonstop, and I'm starting to get a burnout (Facepalm 'Tis a dark day to be an artist.)

Have a happy holidays, and a happy new year folks! ^^
Soo.. uh, yeah! If any of you want me to draw one of your ocs in my style, or just draw them, I, for just today, will draw them for free.
Well, I guess I should probably make Idina's actual ref sheet, huh? Oddly enough, she has two "forms": Ember, and Idina. Both, are somewhat similar. I'll explain it once I get the ref sheet done ^^'
My Commissions are now open!

If you would like one, feel free to send me a note if you want one!


DA Icon: 100 points ($1)
Bust: 200 points ($2)
Half-body: 400 points ($4)
Full Body: 600 points ($6)
Character Ref Sheet: 1000 points ($10)
Additional Person: 200 points ($2)
Background: 100 points ($1)

Commission List


Have a great day, everyone!
I'm going to start drawing a bit more, soooo yeah! look out for more stupid art. ^-^ But if possible, I'll be drawing more of Idina, and my other docs. Hopefully, my art doesn't suck, I've been working on it for a while. Buh Bye!