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Beautiful trek fanart not mine


you can find the original picture here [link]

the site where it's shown [link]

Thank you :iconregis-emiel: for showing me where I found this I couldn't find it GLOMP

If I could draw like that I'd be happy and my life would be complete.

I can only show my way of loving art as wonderful as this by showing it here and colouring it in hopefully if the artist who did this won't mind

But, if you do most awesome one I will take it down soon as poss and if yuo have more art floating around I would love to see it !
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It may be disgusting to you but it's still better than anything you'll ever be able to draw :D
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Shelley Butler is a very well known Trek artist. Her work is featured here:

I cannot stop staring at this piece. What beautiful work, both from the original artist and from you. Thank you for showing this to us!
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Adding a little Bones to an OTP is like adding a cherry on a sundae.

And btw the artwork is beautiful -- I love your colored version!
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I agree, and the art is beautiful, I wish I could draw like this.
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THIS is so beautiful its making me writhe around in my seat :'3
I like how you coloured it too!

Art from this page. ;)
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my mind can't process this much yaoi goodness "has seizure from exposure to so much slashy Trek love then die's happy"
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McCoy seems quite happy looking at the side of Spock's arm. o.O
maybe hes happy cuz he feels something of spocks digging in lol
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That is amazing!
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I know isn't it just
Wow, beautiful drawings! :)

I'm a K/S girl myself, but my pervy little fangirl mind is exploding over the pretty of it! ;)
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I know I wish I could draw like that I might be able to in the 23rd century lol

And your pervy fan girl mind is nothing compared to mine :XD:
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Never been a big K/S/Mc fan, but this is a beautiful picture. I've seen it before, not sure where...hmm...

Anyways, you did a great job of coloring it it.:D Wouldn't it be great to be able to draw like that? *sigh*
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I would love to be able to draw like this but only people made from the the stuff fantasies are made of can do that

don't mind me I'm random
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yes....O____O my fantasy too
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