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Tutorial: watercolors BG

I'm still studying english, so PLEASE TELL ME if you see mistakes ( grammar/vocabulary) I need to improve my english and i will be happy if you help me =)

This is a quick done tutorial sorry u_u and only for background >_<''''

If i'm not lazy you will have a full tutorial next time XD
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thank you so much love you!!!
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you're welcome!
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Lovely, thank you. Is drawing gum the same as masking fluid? I have a 'masque pen' and it puts green masking fluid. I don't really use it very well. Lol
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yeah it's the same! i don't know why it has so many different names... i've been wondering, is this pen useful for small details?
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umm umm what is the white gouache for? LOL it gives nice effects here, but how and when do I use it? :D
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i used it only to make small sparkles XD i remembered using it when the watercolors was still wet
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this is so cool! :)
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I used masking fluid on sections that were already watercolored, and it lightened them up,so I have to retouch, but I really really lke this tutorial!~ beautiful drawing.
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the same happen to me, it was cause by the brush (because i need to water it if i don't want to damage it) so now i use another tool to apply drawing gum: toothpick!
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ohh! thank you! I thought it was due to the masking fluid itself.

i have made a drawing just now, and it ried to use your technique. but your sky came out much nicer. thank you!! :)
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you're welcome ^^
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Say I've found this gum you mentioned, how do you use it?
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sorry for the mistakes ( both vocabulary and grammar xD i just woke up)

-use an old brush to aplly it on your drawing =) it dries quickly that why it's better to use an old one and it's almost impossible to clean it...but

-you can wash your brush with a soap, it prevents the drawing gum to stick ( not 100% but at least you can reuse it several times~) =) but you need to do it quite often... ( wash mine every 1 or 2 minutes xD i'm paranoid ha ha)

-let the dawing gum on your drawing dries. After that you can use your wtaercolors ! =)

- time to remove it! use an eraser or your finger. Be careful, don't try to do it quicly because you'll damage your sheet of paper! ( use at least a 200g watercolor paper )

it's hard to explain how to use it xD
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Thank you for the explanation! Don't worry about your mistakes, I can still understand it perfectly! At least now I have the gist on how to use it, thank you very much :)
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you're welcome ^^
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where you buy this gum??
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it can be found in any art store in France with other watercolor mediums ^^ i'm sure you can find it in some art supplies websites =)
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best bg tutorial ever.....i must get me some of that gum
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that's really awesome
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ah! so that's how you protect the chara from being topped by the background color! drawing gum :clap: and salt for texture, too!
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Salt, it can do stuff!
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