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Journey's End

This took a long time, but I'm happy with it. I think...

Model: [link] @
Ground: [link] @
Fence: [link] @
Sky: [link] @
Ripples: [link] @
Texture: [link] @

Wow, that's a lot of credit. XD

[Edit] Reuploaded the image. I fixed (or tried to, at least) some of the pixelation between the hair strands that MicaSilverwind pointed out. ^_^

has my permission to put this in their gallery!
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Gorgeous work. So good, I thought it was done in Corel at first. Well done!
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Nice work, i like it.
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Very beautiful, the angle and expression on her face express so much subtle emotion! Very well done.
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I love this Everything about her is gorgeous the way her mouth is especially. Very well done. How did you get that graphic/special effect feel?
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OMG!!! beautiful and amazing
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Excellent work!
FernandaTenjou's avatar
perfect!!! i love the sky!!!
just awesome!!!!
rtfarr1's avatar
absolutely amazing!!
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wow. this is amazing. i really dont know what to say
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Amazing work!
One of the best I've seen so far.

Keep this on!
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Woah....that is just sooooooooo good!
<speechless> <mouths 'amazing'>
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*is speechless*
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This is amazing. My only thought would be she seems a little warmer colored than the background and more highlighted than the things around her, but it's still a brilliant picture. She looks very dead. Absolutely wonderful.
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I love the originality of the idea, and the "painting quality" of the piece. Very very well done!

Too bad with the "full view only" though. :/ The full view is too big for my screen, so I can't see the picture as a whole.
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Wow, thank you!
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No problem. Thank you for this awesome pic.
I can't really believe such beauty.
Honored to have seen it.
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*doesn't know what to say* Wow.. thanks again. :blush:
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The full view fills my screen

But I like your :deviation: a lot

What's the green thing on her fingernails? :blushes:
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