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I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry

By idgiebay
Um. I'm obessed with Phoenix Wright. Yup.

I wish there was more stuff focusing on Phoenix, Larry, and Miles as kids... There's some really fun potential there, you know?

But anyway, since there's not, I hope to remedy that. I just need a bit more practice. I think I might tackle Miles next... or practice Phoenix a bit more, since he's my favorite. ^^;

Poor little Nick has no friends.

Phoenix Wright ©Capcom
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VastFire's avatar
I'll be his friend. *hugs kid Phoenix* Hug 
seemycriitersss's avatar
Time for a cheer you up glomp 
madoak92's avatar
Wooooooooooooow, so cute *W* I love it!!
Hexcurse's avatar
I will hug him forever.
Aurora-Bri's avatar
aww how sweeet ^.^
SamCyberCat's avatar

Phoenix's little face is adorable here, really looks like he needs a cuddle~
RubyXSkulboi's avatar
AWWW He's so adorable! Miles will be your friend, Nick! Or at least, I hope so... -.-'
Anyways, this is amazing! Love his expression, the pose, those EYES! :3
RubyXSkulboi's avatar
Ok, this is weird. I uh... I put that comment on the piture of Phoenix... How odd that it should show up here...? Probably because I changed the page too fast after submitting the comment... oops... ^^'
Jeff--Andonuts's avatar
.... I want one. :'3
Tacotits's avatar
This is absolutely adorable.

I love your style and use of color--the sketchy lines look really cool and I love the texture you used.
XxGothic-VanillaxX's avatar
could you make a picture with both Edgey and Phoenix?
Pachaluche's avatar
I want to hug him D:
poor Feenie
blazichu's avatar
Aww, it's just like the class trial all over again... Poor Phoenix-- that boy definitely needs a hug. (Or a 'defense attorney')
Envy-Fangurrl's avatar
Aw, poor Nick! He's so sad XD
I love the Elvis lyrics title <3
At least I hope that's what you used with the title XDDD;;;;
ArabianNinja's avatar
aawwww, his expression makes me wanna hug him!!!
HowObjectionable's avatar
I'm sorry. This...this is one of the most adorable things I have ever seen in my life XD

It's so cuuuute. I think he needs a hug. I'll give him one x3
ShimmyJamily's avatar
Aw, I'll be his friend.
DukeMills's avatar
I felt about like this when my gf cheated on me last month, but, I can't cry. I don't have the ability to any longer. I guess Iraq fucked with my head or something.. Feels like I just kinda.. cry inside but not physically. It's weird. o_O
Soupgirl's avatar
Oh wow, this picture is just so sweet! I love how you've left all the sketchy lines in, it works so well with the kind of mottled textures you've used too - and to top it off, those are some of the cutest puppy-dog eyes I've ever seen! :D

I think this just made my day - :+fav:! :heart:
Blue-energy's avatar
really really good! You should do some more of little phoenix :)
pockyy's avatar
oh god how cute ;_; I love how he's sitting <3
AzureDragon4's avatar
Nicely done! Position, placement, colors, pulled it off!
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