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First Shooting Stars Brushes

By Ideya-Runes
Made with PS7. This is my first brush set! Hope you enjoy them and that they work out okay. ^^

I don't have any rules for crediting. Credit would be appreciated, but isn't necessary.

And if you're feeling friendly, please post a link back to your work so that I can see how creative you all are!
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pansy888hk's avatar
yeah~~ they are lovely and beautiful~~ hope you will make more and more~~
leal84's avatar
Cool. Once I get something done I'll leave a link. Nice work.
PopnGuns's avatar
Wow, these are so intricate and fun! It's so nice that you're letting people just enjoy them! Thank you so much!
You are most welcome!
HawkTnz's avatar
Cute brushes, thanks for sharing them with us!

Blessings HawkT
Awww, thanks and you're welcome!
Liliipad's avatar
These are lovely. Might I ask what your rules on crediting are?
Hello and thank you!
I don't have any rules for crediting so far... just go ahead and enjoy the brushes!
If you feel up to it share a link for whatever you were able to use them in!
THX! ^^
Liliipad's avatar
Haha, thanks for sharing them. I'll be sure to link back. =)
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