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Warriors Intro Comic - Page 2



Ugh, I felt like I really rushed this one so I could get it out for you guys :S Sorry for the shatty anatomy and everything else. Oh, and OMG BLOOOODD!! 8D
Oh, and errr Mousefur's color is actually much darker than it looks. The dark background made her look very peachy-beigish XD I swear, if you look at the color code, it's more mousefur-y

Again, PLEASE don't judge my comic making abilities by this. I have learned a LOT about comics and pacing, style, etc. since I sketched this in March. Now I am just inking what I have and coloring it quickly so I can finish this ' project' :P

-I am only doing the Introduction to "Into the Wild" by Erin Hunter. My fancomic is a total of 5 pages long, the first and second pages being the only ones done. The other are just sketched, so it may be another few months before page 3 comes out.
-I tried following every detail Erin Hunter describes. The dialogue is 100% exact. Go ahead and read along with the book; I tried very hard to make it as accurate as I can.
-Enjoy, but please do not steal! That means don't claim that you drew it, and don't erase my signature. I will find you.

Warriors story, characters, etc. © Erin Hunter
This comic is purely fan-made. It is not official and I am not being payed nor will I be payed for making this.
Art is © M. 'Idess' Sherwood

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