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PLEASE do not judge my comic-making abilities by this. This is rushed and has been HATED ON for months now (by me).

I only got it finished because I'm tired of it sitting halfway done on my hardrive -.- I'm sorry it's so very sloppy, but I really don't want to put large amounts of time into a fan comic when I have commissions and such.

So yes, this is the introduction of "Warriors: Into the Wild" by Erin Hunter adapted into comic form.

-I am only doing the intro.
-I tried following every detail Erin Hunter describes. The eyes, teeth, and claws glinting in the moonlight (which is a half moon). The dialogue is 100% exact. Go ahead and read along with the book; I tried very hard to make it 100% accurate.
-Enjoy, but please do not steal! That means don't claim that you drew it, and don't erase my signature. I will find you.

-Thanks to ~cybercatmia for her drawing of Tigerclaw here [link] which I mostly based this design on.

Warriors story, characters, etc. © Erin Hunter
This comic is purely fan-made. It is not official and I am not being payed nor will I be payed for making this.
Art is © Mindy 'Idess' Sherwood

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LOAF IT! And, you mind if I Dub it on my youtube? Along with friends? And I will credit you. ( WHo wouldn't?