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Warriors Intro Comic - Page 1

PLEASE do not judge my comic-making abilities by this. This is rushed and has been HATED ON for months now (by me).

I only got it finished because I'm tired of it sitting halfway done on my hardrive -.- I'm sorry it's so very sloppy, but I really don't want to put large amounts of time into a fan comic when I have commissions and such.

So yes, this is the introduction of "Warriors: Into the Wild" by Erin Hunter adapted into comic form.

-I am only doing the intro.
-I tried following every detail Erin Hunter describes. The eyes, teeth, and claws glinting in the moonlight (which is a half moon). The dialogue is 100% exact. Go ahead and read along with the book; I tried very hard to make it 100% accurate.
-Enjoy, but please do not steal! That means don't claim that you drew it, and don't erase my signature. I will find you.

-Thanks to ~cybercatmia for her drawing of Tigerclaw here [link] which I mostly based this design on.

Warriors story, characters, etc. © Erin Hunter
This comic is purely fan-made. It is not official and I am not being payed nor will I be payed for making this.
Art is © Mindy 'Idess' Sherwood

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LOAF IT! And, you mind if I Dub it on my youtube? Along with friends? And I will credit you. ( WHo wouldn't?
This is beautiful - you should do the manga adaptation!!
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Nice! I really love Warrior Cats! I just have one question to ask- how do you make it in the comic-like form? With all the squares?
Idess's avatar
that's a bit of a hard question to answer, because I just drew them? Haha. ^^ Like the squares are just lines that keep each panel inside.
ilvbrownies's avatar
wonderful job, I'd have to say that of the many variations on the prologue, this is my favorite because the cats seem so real, I think that if you had the opportunity and the time, you should expand on this and continue with the rest of the book. 
cats43's avatar
wow. Beautiful. I LOVE IT!! :D And I love the way you drew TigerStar and Oakheart. <3 :D
mariomario543210's avatar
This is sloppy?! Holy crap! What is good!? This is a freaking dream come true! I absolutely love it
Lukes-fanboy's avatar
This.... This is beautiful.
Loveyheart007's avatar
Well, I happen to love it :)

CastleCrashers374989's avatar
Wow Your a awesome drawer! <3
YukonTiger's avatar
I love Warriors!!Tiger La la la la 
nitelit's avatar
yes yes yes !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
darknight1993's avatar
avolowolf13's avatar
This...this is perfect!!!!!
musicgem's avatar
so good astonishing 
MaishaLyca's avatar
So great! Love your style :)
Omg I love the way u drew the none specific cats!
/__ 0 0 __\
(...> _°_
...I wish I could draw like that... (3 good for u!
Raillain's avatar
Very amazing piece of artwork! How could you hate this masterpiece? xD Well done :D
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