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Lion and Mouse

My new favorite character from the MLP fanfic Fallout: Equestria; Lionheart and his companion Mouse :)

Umm for anyone who hasn't read FO:E, Lionheart is a ghoul pony that used to be one of Luna's Guards ( [link] ). His companion, mouse, used to be a dragon and was magically changed into a mouse (but is no less terrifying with poisonous breath).

Go here to read Fallout:Equestria (warning, not a happy, kids-friendly fanfiction): [link]

Done in OpenCanvas 1.1

Characters and story belong to Kkatman
Art © M. 'Idess' Sherwood
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© 2011 - 2021 Idess
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Why is his wing like part of the armor? I count Luna's guards as actual bat ponies so thought the wings would be part of his body...

Or did you have his armor fused to his wings like that? (Due to the Pink Cloud).

Oh and the mouse is less terrifying than her dragon-self since she can no longer fill an whole entire town with Pink Cloud constantly... (She's too small). It would take too long to fill a closed spot... Let alone filling an open area and keeping it like so constantly.
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It mentioned multiple times in the fic that his body and armor had melded together due to the Pink Cloud, this was a pretty quick speedpaint so to be honest I just drew and colored it without paying too close attention :) I wouldn't expect anyone to take every detail to mean I did it on purpose lol!
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That what I was thinking. I just wanted to ask to make sure. He is a badass bat pony though!
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Hey man, I used this in a video I made:…
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This has to be one of my favorite pieces of Fallout:Equestria fanart I've seen.
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That...mouse-dragon breathes PINK CLOUD??? Talk about "poisonous breath"! :iconterrifiedplz:
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I don't remember him having a PipBuck...
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I'm actually reading FO: E now
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I REALLY need to read Fallout Equestria!
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this is terrific ! what a wonderful design !
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I do love them <3
I loved the part where Spike sees the mouse and says "Mommy?" XD
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Awesome work. Wish these guys were developed a bit more in the story itself, but maybe the were better off left kinda mysterious?

I <3 the expression on mouse :3
What chapter is he in? I'm on 36.
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One of the last ones, can't remember exactly.
Thanks. I'm close to the end.
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This fits in with his description so well, and nice work with the 'pink' infesting on the hide.
Really nice job! :D
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Not just any dragon, the grandda--er..mommy of all dragons...literally! And infused with the Canterlot cloud too! And Lionheart just seeps badass from his description and fanart.

Awesome job Idess!
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Thank you! n.n
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I don't have words to express how well-executed and impressive this is (especially given the sheer awesome Lion&Mouse radiate by themselves), but I'll try anyway:
This is AMAAAAAAZING!!!!! BRAVO! BRAVO! :iconpinkiepieclapplz:
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Thank you! ^^
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Awesome work! Such a badass team.
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Daaaw, they're so kyyyuuuuuaaaAAGH NOT THE FACE NOT THE FACE!

For some reason I always pictured Lionheart as being on fire. Y'know, burning with justice.
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hhhhoolly shit thats cool
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