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Equestrian Wasteland

By Idess
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This is some fanart I did for KKatman's story "Fallout: Equestria".
I've never ever been interested in fanfiction in all my life until ponies came along. Now I find myself refreshing the page this story is on every day hoping for a new chapter! I've never played Fallout but this story is extremely well written and has captured my love and interest since I started it!

These are the main characters in the story, Calamity, Velvet Remedy, LittlePip, and Steelhooves. I didn't go for total accuracy (I didn't really want to draw LittlePip's barding lol), but I just wanted to showcase the wonderful characters all us fans have grown fond of :D

Character designs were inspired by pretty much every other fanart found on this page ([link] ), with some changes to how I personally view the characters. And major kudos to Omny87 for the original picture that I heavily based Steelhoove's design off of (because I suck at non-organic things haha)

So if you like awesome stories, ponies, apocalyptic things, all of the above or even neither of the above, READ THIS! [link]

Characters and story belong to Kkatman
Art © M. 'Idess' Sherwood
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© 2011 - 2021 Idess
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I'd totally play Fallout: Equestria. :giggle: 
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Overmare Studios are making a game that will soon be open for everyone to play, for free. It's great - you should have a look.
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You know this story is so good I bet even people who didn't like ponies would like it.
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I'm sure it did.
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that would be awesome to have a T-51b armored horse
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This picture is amazing. I was searching for it on the internet two days and finally I found it.
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Hehe thank you! Glad you ended up finding it n.n
How long did it take to make this?
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I don't keep track so I'm not sure, usually it's a day or 2 days of work ^^
Do you said 1 or 2 days, did you mean that it takes between 24-48 hours total?
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Well I don't work for 48 hours straight so no X3 I can't say how many hours a day I work, I work from home so just draw when I can :) Sorry I don't have an accurate count!
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I love this fic, Just please make Calamity's rifles longer :[ They're more like guns than RIFLES really. Other than that is is absolutely beautiful and magnificent.
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Just absolute genius! <3
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Out of all i've seen, this is by far the best of yet :iconlawooplz:
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Thank you! :3
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You're welcome ^^
Congratulations, this picture was one of two things that started me on my path to Bronydom... The picture was just too intriguing to pass up reading FoE! Thanks for getting me so thoroughly hooked (and I mean that in the most sincere way I can!)
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That's awesome! n.n I'm glad I was able to do that for you :D
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Its pretty damned sad it ended. Fallout Equestria will be immortalized in my heart forever.|

And yes, this is probably my favourite depiction of the main cast.
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Thank you! It definitely is a legacy, I feel the sadness I felt with long-running book series from my childhood finally ended lol
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To tell the truth, I found it a better read than most long-running book series I've come across and loved.
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