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Minimalist architecture has become one of the key trends in the last two decades and is a constant theme in exterior and interior design. Searching the reason behind this movement we should probably turn to the society or better to say the people itself who created it.

Globalization. Excessive information. Cosmopolitan lifestyle. Daily bouts, rushing… too much, we want order now. Entering a building we desire clean and peaceful atmosphere. However busy we are during the day, at home we prefer moderated manner and clarity.

The place where we live tells a lot about us and walls, furnishing also affect our mood.
With two words: action – reaction. The way you act, always fire back!

Architects suggest hiding the disturbing paraphernalias from sight and covering wires, pipes, electronic devices that break the uniformity. Sort out your highest priorities, get rid of needless stuff that takes your attention away and therefore your energy. Grab the present, leave the past behind!

Without going further in giving smart advices, let me outline the features of this trend with examples.

  • Minimalist elegance. Playful, mysterious forms.
    Artfully, even futuristically combining the beauty and spirituality which provides experience and pleasure.

:thumb81509449: h.r.s by priscilla-world - Stairs of Light - by Darkie-Photography:thumb30863159:
bibliothek 3 by Ivan-Suta Spyder by Coeiise upstairs02 by Piquebube

  • Brightness! ’Gravity builds space, light builds time’. Extreme simplicity encounters with formal cleanliness and their togetherness makes an empty space gain value. In such flexible places we don’t feel limited. The keyword here is plentiful natural light!

white vision by Schoelli White Walk by intao Foreign Nature by dlusion Progressive by DeadStarKew
:thumb68043374: Aquarium by paikan07 Clear lines by ueberweiss

  • Geometrical sketching.  Stripped of decorations, quality materials, clean lines, stability, the less is more, and so on...

:thumb83815524: pinkaothek der moderne by herbstkind
love? by JThre :thumb92093522:
f l u c h t p u n k t by icarus-ica farben und formen. by herbstkind farben und formen no.2 by herbstkind ceiling by herbstkind :thumb52055341: :thumb82746831:

  • The trend of this style try to reach harmony and make order by using natural symmetry. Shapes and patterns are being repeated and aligned.</b> The keyword here is rhythm! Can you feel it?

Better Than by giaomo Abstract_6 by alsaigh layers of floors by davespertine 4 green by st3to

  • The point is not overdoing with including too much elements. I mean too much

:thumb60975107: :thumb61474251: Traps by Hantenshi
:thumb62010037: hypno_2 by JThre

  • Or too less? No, I think this word doesn’t exist!

Minimalism by thebullfrog :thumb81616952: Spunky by lukeroberts :thumb63578097:
Orange lake geometry by nicolaperasso New Order by lukeroberts :thumb14451552:
Minimalism by McManua :thumb46746230: Anomaly by vanessashj

  • Man in place. Combine dynamic and static and the picture will come to alive!
    However beautiful these buildings are, the hard truth is people always adds to the picture. But you must include one person only, a minimal number, you know.

    A well-placed man or woman in the photograph not only gives information about the size/ function of the building, but also makes the photo more personal. You can upgrade the picture by capturing the feeling of a walk, waiting or sitting in the heart of the structure.

black dot - square by herbstkind mr puck by icarus-ica hotel zuerichberg drei by Ivan-Suta
Light by pAiXAuM Plans by pAiXAuM :thumb76016751: Guggenheim Museum NY by tomasNY
or stars... by herbstkind Worn Eyes by takitus The Choice by Nightline

  • And obviously the same rule works well with objects. They can break the sterility of the lines and their form or colour can properly complete the composition.

ladder the locked lockers by BadTrash :thumb53004071: :thumb89017589: :thumb72368209:

  • Lastly, let’s see some excellent compositions.

hotel zuerichberg zwei by Ivan-Suta Street Art by gilad Minimalistic by allsoulsnight :thumb80409588: szentendre iiiiii by kutitomi lantern by icarus-ica :thumb86516117: We live in colour I by neozombie NS Colours by techdesg

The good news is we don’t need to live in Germany or Switzerland to come across with minimalist architecture, actually it's everywhere around us. But for well-done pictures you should keep in mind some rules.

  1. Once you are on the spot, walk around the building and explore the possibilites offered by the architect. Maybe there will be a much better aspect then you imagined before!
  2. If you cannot take a scene in one shot, try taking two or more views with the camera held in portrait format. Then use your computer to stitch the shots together to form a panorama which takes in the whole building. Too much fuss? Save up money for a wide-angle lens!
  3. In dim conditions our eyes adapt to the low light by losing colour discrimination, so it often appears rather dull for us to take the photo, but not for the camera, so don’t walk away!
  4. White, fluffy clouds are good accompaniments to photographs and with polarizing filter you can enhance them to create a much different aspect of the building.
  5. Reflections are always exciting themes as they relate to the neighbouring architecture, but don’t forget the symmetry and the balance. If the reflected object can be seen partly, then it’s often senseless or even disturbing.
  6. Converging parallels. Yes, they are annoying as they make buildings lean backwards, the only thing you can do is to keep the basic object vertical straight. Afterwards you can see what softwares can do to correct distortions.

By the way, distortions aren’t always that bad..

Vortex by lxrichbirdsf Nautilus by paikan07 :thumb85947916: :thumb80653162:

If you admire these elements of design and enjoy taking pictures of modern buildings, your task is a piece of cake comparing with portrait and animal photographers, simply because buildings don’t move. You can go back to the same spot from time to time, which is highly recommended, because the building will show different faces in different lighting conditions.

And yes, buildings have faces! Not all of us can see them, but they have...

Smile for me, Darling by mister-kovacs Face by ExplosionAnomaly laughing wall by orcunceyhan
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