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The clouds look like smoke, it's almost surrealist. Even the building in the background looks like it's blurred, a little wavy. As if it was just a dream, with a character with no face, and nothing too clear.
I adore it.
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Thank you darling, I love your comments! :hug:
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Jack the Ripper - reflection?
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How did you know, Sherlock? :sherlock:
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Come on, dear, HE didn't catch the ripper neither ...
(nice emoticon btw. :giggle:)
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There are a lot of people doing upside down pictures of reflections, but I like this one as one of the very best, because it looks like it's done with great care and originality.
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dark and dreamy. Love it
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Good choice of words. Thanks
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Hello, I'm gone.
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Valahol mindnyájan idegenek vagyunk :)
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Az az! Kezded érezni :thumbsup:
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Igy, van!!! :sun:
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that sky, wow!!
like a turbulent message from the gods,
a serious vision of a coming hurricane off the gulf coast i have seen down in New Orleans.

the figure seems helpless
just waiting for the cards to be dealt
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interesting how you see it..
as a matter of fact we are all just strangers.
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that sounds so grim and slightly sad
i guess you may be right.
but hope it is not all so true all the time, forever.
when i look at something I like, rather say
something decent...rather than the typical..gee wiz that is great!!!

maybe all the critiques at the Art institute
who knows
maybe you mind, will be careful
Amazing sky...:juggle:
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