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:blowkiss::heart:*~*:heart:*~*:heart:*~*:blowkiss:And there will be many more to come!!:blowkiss:*~*:heart:*~*:heart:*~*:heart::blowkiss:
:blowkiss::heart:*~*:heart:*~*:heart:*~*:blowkiss:I really hope you all enjoy these beautiful works:blowkiss::heart:*~*:heart:*~*:heart::blowkiss:

As I Wind on Down The Pines by Stuzal forgotten autumn by captainmomo
Old Tree Trunk by Lion6255 Fishin For Dinner by Lion6255
:bigthumb346290537: :bigthumb345773618:
The Banias Waterfall II by AlisaLiMaylin Oceans apart... by RJ8
The Great Canyon by Stuzal Through the mist by Pamba
Day 45: Hopelessness by HiddenLenze Fragile Dreams by Erinti
Wroxham (Norfolk Broads) by ThISoMessedUp :bigthumb302972690:
Forest by Seriridescence Autumn Beauty by Seriridescence
Field of love by Pamba Loneliness by mchectr
A Taste of Heaven by Fire-Starter-Studios Burnt Ember by Anj3lla
Turkey, Istanbul by anwaarsaleh   Life is Beautiful by SweetlyPeachy
Oh, Hello by Catharsis313 Lotus Blossom by Skarlet-Raven
Tulip - burgundy by miss-gardener The Frozen December by Lightningbutterflies
Berry by Ben3418 The Bitter End by Erinti
sweet dreams by miss-gardener Bee by veronicarockstrom
Wisnia... by missi-alicja
Return to innocence by VasiDragos :bigthumb340595542:
Black Lily by Fire-Starter-Studios Spiritos by RiparianVeins
Colorful experience by Maleiva Flowing by Arany-Photography
On my way up north by ConceptualMiracles Wonderland by WildPencil
Black White and Old by Ben3418 :bigthumb346490830:
christmas by cloe-may :bigthumb334737785:

:bigthumb340808674: :bigthumb340809981:
Green-crowned Brilliant by CBasco
Before The Bang by punkroc Dizzy Lizzy 04 by Maffoo
On Duty by pengirl389265 Girl and St. Bernhard by KaiSuomiPhotography
The World Goes Round by CassieStarFox Dead in Ditches by DayanaGerber
:bigthumb316861639: Different Skies by Erinti
Me cosplaying CC by PrinNana Like the cold December snow by ConceptualMiracles
Bottle Of Love by Pamba Dandelion by VasiDragos
White tiger II by Cansounofargentina Tight Squeeze by flowerhippie22
Heaven's gate by Devil-TheDeviant :bigthumb345860971:
:bigthumb343169748: Dreaming of Freedom by tanikel
Luminous by mchectr :bigthumb345250732:

:blowkiss:*~*:heart:*~*:heart:*~*:heart:*~*:blowkiss:May you all have a prosperious year:blowkiss:*~*:heart:*~*:heart:*~*:heart:*~*:blowkiss:
:blowkiss:*~*:heart:*~*:heart:*~*:heart::blowkiss:I look forward to viewing more artworks!:blowkiss::heart:*~*:heart:*~*:heart:*~*:blowkiss:

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I dropped by your page to let you know I had featured a piece of your work. Wonderful feature you've provided. LOTS of new faves. :iconheartballoonplz:
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Thanks again for the feature!
Devil-TheDeviant's avatar
Thanks for featuring my work:hug:.
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Thanks for including my work in this lovely feature. :heart: :cuddle:
TheRockMonster's avatar
Thank you so much for the feature, such beautiful pieces! :hug:
Erinti's avatar
Thanks for the feature!
George-kirk's avatar
Thank you very much for the feature:)
missi-alicja's avatar
Thank you very much for featuring me. :) Pretty collection :)
Pamba's avatar
thank you! :heart:
miss-gardener's avatar
Thank you very much :iconawwwplz::heart: :heart:
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Wow, thank you so much :hug: :heart:
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Great feature, thanks so much for including me! :happybounce:
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Thanks for this amazing feature! And for including me work here !:hug:
chriseastmids's avatar
wonderful feature :-)
Katy-L-Wood's avatar
Thanks for the feature!

There are some amazing photos here.
WildPencil's avatar
Thanx for the feature, and great photos evryone!
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thnx for the feature you really have great picture listed not including my own but just looking at others' works. Truely amazing to everyone
Lion6255's avatar
WoW Thank you for this Amazing feature...I looked throughout the other works on here and I must say you do have awesome taste in Photography. You have certainly picked some fines works.I'm very pleased and honored....THANK YOU!!!!!!>>>>>Now off to post a Journal about it!!!!!
Stuzal's avatar
Thank you for the amazing feature! And for including me of course ;)
Maleiva's avatar
Thanks for the feature
CBasco's avatar
A wonderful selection!
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