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Unforgiven for Aiko 3

By Idelacio
I want to make it VERY clear: This is NOT my set. I am redistributing WITH PERMISSION OF THE MAIN DEVELOPERS. I DID contribute a little to the final product but, in my mind at least, I am not one of the main contributers/developers.

About the outfit then and why its here. This outfit was strongly influenced by the works of Masumune Shirow, specifically his Wild Wet West poster book collection. After completion of the product the team submitted to DAZ as brokers wishing to distribute a product. All well and good until the team told DAZ without any prompting the source of their inspiration just to be safe with DAZ. This was a mistake made in innocence.

Unfortunately while DAZ have a VERY large number of products which are source inspired, some almost one for one COPIES, they don't actually care if its not mentioned to them. And even when it is it requires a very convincing push after the product has passed QA for it to be pulled.

So alas this product ended up being withdrawn. I think its clear from the promotional shot above how much of a tragedy that is. It's a very good, high quality outfit that renders well and is fun to use. It's fate was to end up on a store which, while not obscure per se, was not well known for THIS sort of product.

Designed for DAZ Aiko 3…

For usage instructions and what have you READ THE README! It contains all the license info and whathaveyou but in brief you may use this for comercial work and you may not redistribute without permission.

Designed for Poser but the cr2s are all DS compatible. DS users will need to mess with the shaders.

This product is copyright of Hawke, Grimjerk and Jip. Again the readme contains the specifics. Sadly none of these individuals work within the poser community anymore but for what its worth, you did an amazing job guys. Really. :)
© 2014 - 2021 Idelacio
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Incredible quality !
Thank you so much !   :)
Idelacio's avatar

Hope it serves you well.
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Old card - 1865 Execution of an outlaw in Tombston by Jean-Bond

I hope it too...    ;)
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Forgot to ask   are there any more product shots of this set. Would love to see them as I wait for my A3 stuff to reload!
Idelacio's avatar
Old but there's this and this and this.
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thanks for the links. wish i had this for V4 but A3 it is. again thanks so much!
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Funk DAZ go to Renderosity!
Looks great and now i gotta run and re-download and install all my A3 shit from DAZ to play with this! Thanks.
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Wow, great outfit! Thank you for sharing, much appreciated. :) (Smile) 
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It looks nice, but I have Crossdresser 3, and when I try to convert the duster for use with Hiro3, the bottom part of the jacket doesn't show up, no matter what settings I use. Can you help me with this? Thanks.
Idelacio's avatar
I haven't used cross dresser for a very long time but the tails are a non typical grouping and that may be whats causing the issue. You might need to tell XDresser to process it as a skirt or something?
SynjoDeonecros's avatar
I did, and it didn't work. I dunno what I'm doing wrong, here, so yeah...
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THANK YOU! DAZ's loss is our gain. :)
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Such a shame though. But at least this way it sees the light of day.
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Most excellent...thank you
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With a user name like mine, this is a must-have. ;)

Thanks for this and for the other freebies you've generously made available.
Idelacio's avatar
I plan more eventually, mostly A3 themed though.
EnglishBob's avatar
That's cool, I'm still using A3 quite often.
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Even if one is not into fetish art (not that I have a problem with that), elements of this set can be used separately or mixed with other clothing items for less "risque" themes. The "duster" in particular would make a great addition to a cyberpunk ensemble!


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Dunno if I'd describe this as fetish art, lingerie perhaps. ;)
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