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Aiko 3 Star Trek Dress/Retro Skirt

By Idelacio
Here's the original Aiko 3 Retro Skirt as it was originally sold on rDNA. More or less... <.<

FOR ALL OF THOSE WHO STILL USE AIKO 3!! All five of you... O_o

A3 only for now unless someone wants to pay me for converting it to another figure.

This was originally sold for 10 bucks. There's no pressure to pay monies to me now but if you like you can donates monies!

Donate with Paypal!

Donate with Points!

There are additional freebie packs that go with this as well, including the Trek components to make this fully Starfleet capable.:

Star Trek Expansion for Aiko 3 by IdelacioSwingin Pack for Retro Skirt by Idelacio

Enjoy! ^_^
© 2014 - 2021 Idelacio
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I still use Aiko3.

SciFiZone's avatar

Would you be able to convert this dress to Victoria4?

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Thank you! Gotta try this out :spyed:

Gustvoc's avatar
Im here Im still use AIko3
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Is there any way this dress can be reworked to be compatible with Victoria 4.2 in Daz?
Idelacio's avatar
Eh, I did a mesh conversion but never got around to rigging it. It's a lot of fuss for a base I don't use... u_u
spearcarrier's avatar
You mean all six of us that still use A3...
Idelacio's avatar
More than you may realise suprisingly.
spearcarrier's avatar
=^-^= I've tried a lot of the models but in the end Kioki has won.
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Thank you for carrying it here now that rDNA has been swallowed by DAZ, and their freebie archive hasn't, um, integrated...
Idelacio's avatar
You can find all my available freebies on Tumblr.

Note that this is a NSFW link.
SciFiZone's avatar
Could this dress be converted to fit Victoria 4?
OlgaRodrz's avatar
Thank you. Lovely.
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Well, 2016 is here, and it's time to ... Poke the Genius! ;)

If you're still interested, we're still interested in a V4 version of this dress, and I'm sure we can round up some Paypal contributors to grease the wheels ;) (I've tried to use PP2014's Fitting Room, but the addl. skirt bones and flap morphs vanish, and it really doesn't align the rig so that it will conform correctly). I'm really amazed, with all of the Trek art that gets created by so many, that no one else has ever even attempted an accurate dress for TOS - our choices are either bad models, or texture/trans maps on working dresses that aren't tailored anything like the real things.

Regardless, thanks again for a stunningly useful item that, as long as Aiko 3 can still load, will never go unused. ;)
Idelacio's avatar
And now I even have a TNG dress.

Out of curiosiity, how do you handle fitting to morphs these days? I mean on clothes that are already fitted for V4.
Ptrope's avatar
Not sure I understand the question, "fitting to morphs?" I confess, I don't use V4 much, but a lot of that has to do with not having the right outfits ;). With Genesis underperforming in Poser, however, and a desire to take advantage of the apparent improvements in V4 (mostly, I don't care for her features - she's always seemed strangely inhuman to me, but there are some good-looking characters out there that can solve that issue), I"m trying to get more familiar with her. If we're talking about fitting clothing to character morphs, I use a combination of magnets and the morph brush to create what I need - I don't have Z-brush, so I can't export an outfit and then perform the wizardry I see from those who do (I'm more of a set builder than a tailor ;)).
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Replied via note! ^_^
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I'd like you to see what I have done with your excellent outfit. If you are interested, you can view it here:…

I really like this outfit!
Idelacio's avatar
Fun! ^_^

Don't forget all the trek specific bits as well if you're going for the full star trek regalia. :D
Agent-0013's avatar
Aiko 3 will always be one of my favorite figures. She has a unique beauty. Thanks for this outfit!
Idelacio's avatar
I wish her rig wasn't so bad but I have a long term plan to rerig her with more modern weight mapping at some point. Should be fun times...
Agent-0013's avatar
She does have a few rigging issues, but no more than any of the other Gen 3 figures. V3, M3, G3, H3, F3, S3, and D3 all have those same issues with the rigging. I have learned to work around them though. The Gen 4 figures have less issues, but they do have some.
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Thank you so much!
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Very cool...thank you
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