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new facebook page

Hello my friends! As you may have noticed, I've recently changed my dA username from Ideasplayer to my name -- Petya Plamenova. This was not a decision I made overnight. I've been thinking about it for a while now and I believe it  was a right decision.  Back in 2011 I've started my website Ideasplayer with the idea to make it a place for Photoshop tutorials & resources. But things have changed over those years. Most importantly I changed!  I feel that this name just doesn't fit me anymore.  And what name would suit me better than my own? So, I've changed it here, it was the easy part. It was a little trickier with my Facebook page though as the new name looked way too different from the current one and they wouldn't allow the change. I had no other choice but create a new page. So I did!

If you like my art and want to see wip's, before-afters and more than I post here, follow me! 


Thank you for your support :love:

And now to the feature :D

Wonderful works of art, enjoy!

Sadness.. by AledJonesDigitalArt  ForSaKen by mimikascraftroom We have been fooled by tricks by Black-B-o-x The Dryad by ArielRGH 
 Signs by Ellysiumn Spring sonata by RankaStevic Under the sea by alexamorath 
Lady Rose by maiarcita Natural History museum. by AliaChek Smile by Canankk 
Levitation in the Light by Nikulina-Helena Lady in Blue by FairieGoodMother  
 Walking on a Dream by Sisterslaughter165 
Sovereign of Golden deers by IgnisFatuusII Rose's Soul by Lora-Vysotskaya  
Returning The Shooting Stars by JayGraphixx Wild Flowers by 1chick1 Fury by Dani-Owergoor 
I Still Remember by Lior-Art Beyond the sunset by jiajenn Torn by danieloooo 
The Encounter by Secretadmires Flora by LanaTustich RED by naradjou14 Japanese garden by SYLVIAsArt 
A Bad Friend by FantasyArt0102  Another World by Azot2023 
Sunshine Kiss by WhimsicalBlue Desert Thief by Eithnne Amazon 11 by muirart 
I Summon thee by JayGraphixx Gothic Inflatables Get Yours TODAY by Arthur-Ramsey  
Sunset on the rocks by Julianez Mystic Dance by adrianamusettidavila    
Rune Service - Book Covers by FrostAlexis  The devil of Fifth Avenue by MagicalFlowerBomb Do I Wanna Know by Amaranta-G In a dream by PaquiFg 
The Lake of my Dreams by CarmensArts Finally, spring is here by HILIF The Beach Hut by deepgrounduk Between the silver linings by dresew 
Mother's Love  by EstherPuche-Art The Little Prince by BBstar7 Cupid and Psyche by annewipf  
 Jurassic World Photobomb by RenatoSs it's time for another one day ... by little-one-girl 
A Caged Mind by SummerDreams-Art  I don't want grandmother, I want my wolf! by CharllieeArts The Ambassador by vampirekingdom 
Angelic Gate  by PendragonArts-GEA Queen of the Night by LaercioMessias Elizabeth by Irrisor-Immortalis 

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Spring Feature

14 min read
Some really beautiful artworks. Enjoy!

Jack the Ripper by MoAChuuuttt The Past Future by Secretadmires The Great Divide by StarfireArizona After Tomorrow by adrianoampb 
Splash Wall by Renata-s-art  GHOST IN THE SHELL by SilenceInSilver Kassandra by Jacklionheart Vienne Story by da505 
  Celestial by feanen-Mely   Sea wonders by Black-B-o-x Tidying Feathers by ArtbyKerli Rainy Day by maiarcita 
Communion by SpokeninRed Confidences on the bridge by PaquiFg Mermaid Tears by Lolita-Artz Wild West by supersnappz16  Secret Enchanted  Rose's Garden by Sinphie 
Simply by MoAChuuuttt The Student (colour version) by deepgrounduk Helping Seraphim by aaTmaHira  Together by VanessaPadua 
21 by PlacidAnemia  Icy Grave by noro8  Dark intentions by Julianez May Night by IPNatali 
Baet by TheClassica   SCV by BMJ-Metalik 
Jesup Boardwalk Trail - Tickle Me Pink by boldfrontiers Duality by CrisestepArt  The Red Gold - book cover by Jacklionheart Is it Love?Matt by Kureiyah 
Snow Lady by Mhyon  Renaissance by Softyrider62 Location - the enemy's camp by AlexShiga at Golden Gate park by KarinClaessonArt  
Hunter by lavam00  Red Riding Hood by HILIF   Siell by XhiliaJP Passion Of Music by Canankk 
Binding Ritual by Rowye Magilou - Tales of Berseria by serafleur Almost Human by charmedy  Georgia 2 by Amaranta-G 
untitled. by ChristopherPollari  Waking up by alexamorath   Out Of Control by ralfw666 The Awakening by ChristabelleLAmort  Book Cover Commission by FrostAlexis 
<da:thumb id="661910314"/> Dragon Hunter by FantasyArt0102 Mountain Views by ChiaraLily9  The Moon and the Nightshade by ErikShoemaker  Lamb of God 512 by Arthur-Ramsey 
Oxford by AliaChek Winter Crow Queen by Alimera Breeze by Seiorai Lady Spring by katmary Time to fly / Speed art video by maxasabin  
Tiger by Raipun The Queen by cocoanderson Eye of God by Ellysiumn Talisman by SvetlanaKLimova Duality - Vida vs Muerte by lauraypablo  Evolution by Secretadmires 
Rain Over Me by WhimsicalBlue Light Vs Darkness by CharllieeArts A Touch Too Much by mimikascraftroom Song for unwary by LuLebel The evening glow by 1chick1 
Home for strangers by 1simplemanips1 Until Death by Dani-Owergoor  Nocturna by DanielPriego  Miss raven warrior by Sweetlylou Flower Fairy by EstherPuche-Art 
Darkness Becomes Her.......... by pjenz Elfish Spring by IgnisFatuusII  Cyclopeenne demoiselle by Le-Meridian Angel In Hell by maiarcita Looking by Notvitruvian 

*My recent works*

Magic Night by PetyaPlamenova A Walk in the Clouds by PetyaPlamenova Goddess of fire by PetyaPlamenova 

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Done! :dance: Thank you all so much :love:

Will you help me reach 1000 likes on my Facebook page? I'm so close now :D…;

Thank you all :heart:


  The Birds by EnchantedWhispersArt  ~Peaceful Resolution~ by creativemikey  Treasures Of The Unholy by muirart  

Liberate from Inside by LaercioMessias  Finally Home by Black-B-o-x  Dark Circus by stellartcorsica    

  Lady Wolf by katmary  Time Catcher by VeilaKs  The Ruins by vampirekingdom  The Tower by annewipf

    Animal Bond by Digitiel  .H O L E  in the S K Y. by Anj3lla  

  Nacht by Daystar-Art  Death From Above by deskridge  Magic Flowers by maiarcita  

Good Cold by debzdezigns-lamb68  Pegasus World 2015 by nudagimo  The Seedling by Arthur-Ramsey  Grim in crows by IMertTmyksl  
Woodhorn Poppies by newcastlemale  Study Dreams_12 by caddman   Bouquets II by ladyjudina  
1Q84 by Pixx-73  From beyond.. by AledJonesDigitalArt  Resting Mermaid by KarinClaessonArt  Spell Halloween by Vania-Paiva  
Keeper Of My Heart by LadyxBoleyn  The White Witch by Sisterslaughter165  Acorde....Hora de Assustar by Wesley-Souza  The Badlands by muirart 

Nightmare by ralfw666  Going out into the wide world by Megan-Arts  I'm fading away (PRINTS) by Lolita-Artz  

In the deep Forest by EstherPuche-Art    Haunted by MissGrib  You'll always be there by Iskander1989  
  Halloween 2015 by crilleb50 Rose by LanaTustich  
Autumn by Notvitruvian  The Pit by neverdying  Blue Autumn by AprilLight 
  *the sorceress* by CosmicAmethystArt Underwater geant by naradjou14 The Game by Flobelebelebobele  

Lorelei by LordNicax  Worry by pjenz  In the Night by RoseCS    

  Welcome to Mr.Pumpkin by Marjie79  Sweet Blood by TatianaSSabino  Star Guardians (Sailor Moon) #9 by Katssby  
Aeratheas by Le-Regard-des-Elfes  Trick or Treat by PaperDreamerArt  Christmas Eve by Canankk Lady Vamp by BrietOlga  

Mournful Song by Carlos-Quevedo    Rain by mimikascraftroom  Halloween Makeup - Vampire 2 by Cinnamoncandy 

The Black Pearl by gotman68  Fighting Girlfriend by ChiantyVex  Addicted To You by Sweetlylou 

   Mere Shadow by Dogbytes  Dead Bride by shiny-shadows-Art  beauties with the horse by YvetteStar  

Spearwife by DriPoint  Never surrender by CrisestepArt  MariGold by ArtbyValerie  Dreams Fantasy of a Black Cat by FABRYKING61 

Great Balls Of Fire - II by Walking-Tall  Quagmire by SpokeninRed  Shades of Pale by Dani-Owergoor  The Last Bite by kimsol  

*My recent works* 

You're Next by PetyaPlamenova  

Rhiannon by PetyaPlamenova 
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Summer Feature

9 min read
Some really beautiful pieces of art :heart:

Stings of Remorse by ser1o  No yesterdays, no tomorrows. Only this moment.... by sXeven 

Nael by madanmar  To Catch A Moon-Fish by Qinni  Necromancer by Whendell 

  The Nameless II by Flobelebelebobele  MAGMA MOTHER by Gesell 

Shine on Brightly by MoodyBlue   

Pearl by duzetdaram  Angel of Uncertainty by PaperDreamerArt  The Angel of Peace by Sisterslaughter165 

Blended Melody by Anj3lla  Offering to Yemanja by Sweetlylou  Expectations by KarinClaessonArt 

Agnea by BrietOlga  L'Amour Naissant by ChristabelleLAmort 

Envy by Canankk  Aura by Carlos-Quevedo   

Transition by BrennsArtAttic  Aurora by pjenz 

Ready For the Battle by feanen-Mely    The Blood Queen's Bath... by Villenueve 

Self-image by tamaraR  Drowned by FictionChick 

The Wild Huntress.. by AledJonesDigitalArt  Blind by birubadut 

Into-The-Woods by EnchantedWhispersArt  I Can't Tell You  Goodbye by Lior-Art 

    Death Is On Its Way by Vania-Paiva 

Silent by Daystar-Art  A Room with a View by Cinnamoncandy   

The Sentinel by RoseCS    Dome City by Joe-Roberts 

Animal Queen 2015 by nudagimo  Raven by annewipf 

Pinup by Marjie79  Run by maiarcita  Team by sasha-fantom 

  Twisted Dreams_03 by caddman  Gift for you by LanaTustich 


  The dark side of the mind 2 by FABRYKING61 

Still life by Notvitruvian  King's Landing by DriPoint 

mood by AndriyMarkiv  Untitled by Serdar-T  Venus by Iskander1989 

Untitled July 2015 by slight-art-obsession    All Alone by Pixx-73 

Wonderful Day by VeilaKs  Fairy by D-E-S-T-I-N-Y-0105  On the bottom of the sea by katiousa15  Naida by TeamBeaker 

What Are Nightmares Really Made Of by KarahRobinson-Art  My Dream Love Has Come by ArielRGH 

Perfume of Red by AprilLight  Rose, Rose by ladyjudina  Path  to Heaven by MagicOfTheTiger 

Lamia by Megan-Arts Lost in my world by TatianaSSabino 

  - ARIES - by Vera-Chimera 

What I'm listening to right now :D

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Some really beautiful pieces of art.. Enjoy!

Flower Fairy by Cinnamoncandy    Lil Tiger by ChiantyVex  Unfortunate Victim by TriZiana  Since the Day Abel was slaughtered by Lvcifera 

Sweet Dreams My Love by pjenz  Michael by Carlos-Quevedo   

Beyond the Veil by LevanaTempest   Never ending memory by CrisestepArt  <da:thumb id="519318997"/>   Apoplexy by mimikascraftroom 

We Can Fly by Wesley-Souza  Jezebel by Flobelebelebobele  Exiled Reach DMP by DriPoint 

Quayside by Notvitruvian  Prairie by debzdezigns-lamb68  Beautyandthebeast by cocoanderson 

Moonlight - II by Walking-Tall  <da:thumb id="521584861"/>   *** by MWeiss-Art   Goldilocks by CindysArt 

  Le Gardien by feanen-Mely  Night-And-Day by EnchantedWhispersArt  Velvet Reptile by crilleb50  Astenia by LidiaVives 

Lets Get High cd cover art by KarinClaessonArt  The Fire Inside by EnchantedWhispersArt   C r u e l l a by Corvinerium   Melody by ChristabelleLAmort 

In The Forest by Beholdentolove  shall we dance?!! by shiny-shadows-Art  a FLOWER blooms by k-i-mm-i-e 

  Sorceress by Whendell       

Aidan ~ THE DARK CYCLE by ThePix  Shattered by BrennsArtAttic StarrySlumber by Anj3lla 

  Secret Forest by PaperDreamerArt  Faded by AsliYeniay  It is over by duzetdaram   

Sexy curvey by wingsofdragons Every little helps by Dogbytes The Death by peroni68  Me and my new red blouse by katiousa15 

Jeanne d'Arc by FictionChick  To the sun by sasha-fantom  Shark World close up by stellartcorsica

Summer glow by Daystar-Art Autumn by TatianaSSabino Black Pearl by FABRYKING61 magical story by Creamydigital Catalina- by naradjou14 

Elise de la Serre by GinebraCamelot  Dead Inside by BrennsArtAttic  Balat by Canankk  

  Queen of the Damned by FictionChick  Time Marches On by ralfw666   

Tales from the Sea by tamaraR  Hellrider by Altair-E  Where the juiciest grass grows by BrietOlga

Angel by Sisterslaughter165  Adriel by Flobelebelebobele  Alisa 2015 by nudagimo  Dream (redesigned) by MiloshJevremovic 

Beckoning Light by PaperDreamerArt   Baptism by Iskander1989   The magic butterfly by Ellysiumn     The Devils Tower by Arthur-Ramsey 

The Bone Collector by LadyxBoleyn  Spring Awakening 2015 by nudagimo  <da:thumb id="524014475"/>   A Window Wasted by SpokeninRed  

 My latest work

Evil Kin by PetyaPlamenova 

Take care :heart:

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