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*sigh* Looks like summer is well and truly gone.. i don't think i even noticed it was here at all this year! My summer was spent working in a retail-hell.. which i have happily left now ^^
Ah well, i may have missed summer, but at least i get to enjoy autumn in all its burgundy-golden glory..
The tree's are ablaze, and flaming light up the horizon.. burning leaves cascading into scrumptiously crunchy piles in the floor just waiting for a good ole' kick...
The frost fairies are hard at work in the night.. weaving their intricate webs of ice-cold lace ready to delight us with in the morn'..
I'm in country-lass home baking mode.. making apple-sauce and granola and a myriad of baked goods.. wandering about with the animals in the crisp air.. knitting and crocheting the evenings away..
And with all these wonderful things going on.. I - Little Miss Camera Addict 2010 (i have a medal and all, really) .. currently has.. No Camera =(
R.I.P poor cam. I knew thee briefly and well.. Sorry you had to fall victim to the camera curse that is - me.
(Broken camera 3 and counting)
Hopefully, i should be getting a snazzy new DSLR soon, which will more than make up for my trigger-happy, macro-addict cravings...
Alas, until then.. i will just have to *borrow any camera left unattended..
And perhaps drown my sorrows in a crafting-binge...

Much love

*borrow = kidnap ..beware.
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  • Watching: Horses trotting past the window.. ^-^
  • Eating: Homemade granola and applesauce =D
  • Drinking: Yummy-ummy coffee
Why hello all you lovely people =] I'm actually posting something! I'm actually probably more surprised than you are - i NEVER post in these things!
I keep intending to.. but, then, my brain runs away and hides and i'm just left pushing random buttons hoping to make a coherant sentence. Poor shy brain.
I just thought that, since it's Such a beautiful day *looks out window, see's rainclouds..* Well, it's a beautiful rainy-day anyway! And i just wanted to give a great big Thankyou! to all the lovely creature's who have been favouriting and wathching me lately :love: It means so much, and makes it all worthwhile to know that i'm not the only person with a penchant for the cute and a slight glitter addiction.. ^-^
Anywho, i've got to go shoot! Those creations wont over-glitter themselves!
All the best, and again thanks! ^^
xx :love: xx
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  • Reading: the words as a write them
  • Watching: My pooch running around like a mad thing..
  • Drinking: Nothing.. must.. have!