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Silas the flying scorpion.

Prompt no. 9 - Flying Scorpion.

Silas the scorpion looked around him - all of a sudden, the air was full of flying scorpions! Big ones, small ones, cute ones and scary ones! The air was filled with the sound of flapping wings. Silas looked at his reflection in the river with sad eyes - He seemed to have missed the evolutionary memo! On his back, there were no wings. He sighed sadly.
Suddenly, an idea popped into his head! Wings aren't the only way you can fly! He found a balloon, and began weaving a basket, a determined look on his face. Several days went by. Finally, his creation was complete - a hot air balloon! He waited patiently as the balloon filled with air, clambered inside, cast out the rocks he'd been using as weights, and took off! Up into the sky! His face was filled with glee! Finally he could fly in the sky, with all of the other flying scorpions 💛.

I finally managed to finish this drawing! Who knew hot air balloon nets would be so tricky to draw?? (Hint - I definitely should have known 😅). Obviously, the real reason this took so long is because Silas was busy hand weaving his basket.. Let's just hope he doesn't pop the balloon with his pincers! .
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