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Prompt no.10 - Ammut.

Ammut is an Egyptian demoness, often known as the Eater of Hearts. Ammut would sit at the judgement of the dead, in the double hall of Ma'at, waiting by the scales which weighed people's hearts to judge if they are worthy. Those deemed unworthy would have their hearts cast to Ammut's terrible jaws, where it was considered they would die again, and not be granted immortality with Osiris.
In Egyptian mythology, the direction of West was linked to the dead, as the sun set in the west each night. Because of this, pyramids and graveyards were typically build on the Western side of the Nile. I wanted to include this in the depiction of Ammut, since she is so closely linked with death! So here is Ammut, dozing on the Western bank of the Nile, in front of one of the Pyramids of Giza at sunset.

Life has been remarkably busy/stressful this past week, so I've not been able to create as much as I would have liked! I think this particular picture is my least favourite so far as I rushed a lot of it. Oh well, on we go!
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