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Love Me

By ide
Whoo-hoo :w00t!: finally something I like! I was oddly inspired to make this piece when I caught a split second of the movie In The Cut that my dad was watching. I think Meg Ryan's character was looking at a piece of greenish parchment with a poem on it or something. Some how this morphed into something that doesn't look anything like what I saw in the movie-and changed the subject to be about love.

I was trying to be artsy, so if you read the text you'll see that it's two different views on love. Thought it might be interesting ;)
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through sadness comes love and through love comes happiness for love is joy the love has been given do not let it pass you love is patient it is waiting for you

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Very beautiful.
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Kudos to your piece of artwork. Im in my own band that I started writing my own music and this would be an awesome cover for one of the songs Ive been writing for a long while. Has great colours that portray what your trying to express with the words and image. Killer artwork
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This is fantastic, i love it!!
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WOOOOOW!!! simple the best!! very inspirational and true!! fab :D
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i llllllllloooooooovvvvvveeeee it
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i llllllllloooooooovvvvvveeeee it
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I REALLY like this. I like the almost collage texture to it. very nicely done.
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nice work d:
looks just like the works from banksy ^^
Love it, being creative make art art, but can i give you advice on something that stuck out to me?
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That's really cool! :) Great use of the word love!
Wow this is really awesome. THe text is awesome.
Great job
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wow. simply stunning
l0v3 !t ^_^
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Me encanta es genial...GREAT JoB...
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Love it:D..Feelings :/
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this is so freekin awesome.

great work! :thumbsup:
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great colors. :)
nice message. :D
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aww this is so cuteee!
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love ! xD it fav+
Oh!!! It's so well done! I love the effect.
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i love this <3 the simple cut-out stlye coloring lends alot to it. its edgy, and quite lovely. you should make a t-shirt with the girl and ballons ( i think having the backround would look a little strange, as it would be a rectangle. unless you could find a way to make the whole shirt that pattern) =3 id buy it! =D
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