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It's been a long time since I focused on art in a big way and I've decided I want to get back into it. I've been doing a couple of OC commissions to warm up again, but also wondered if anyone watching my journals fancied an art trade? Any OC's lurking about that I can take a stab at?
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I don't think I've really posted anything here to do with my film work, but I might start doing that soon to share any art work that comes out of our film making activity.

My film group is called Hat Day Films -

Our latest video is here:…

I've got a big project coming up and it'll probably generate a lot of concept art etc. so I might post some of that here, since I don't have much time for art outside of film projects lately.

Watch this space!

Vic x
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Just a quick note to anyone who was gonna help me out with that request for copyright free posters etc. - If you wanna chuck something in the pot, then please do it by the end of this weekend! Any posters donated are needed by Mon 19th March, otherwise I won't be able to print them in time for the set build on Tuesday 20th.

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Calling all fellow filmmakers/artists/creative types... I'm building a set for my current film project of a film/video technician's den, and I need to smother it with posters.

Fake gig posters, ads for piano lessons, mock film posters, objects for sale, in as many different sizes and styles as possible. I figured it'd be interesting to throw it out to everyone I know and see if anyone wanted to contribute - Hopefully I'll get a decent looking variety as the result. If you have a film poster for any of your previous work that you'd like to have in the background, then I'll gladly post it up on the wall as well, but again, please ensure that any relevant permission is gained before sending anything on.

Can be drawn digitally, or can be done with marker pens. Can be color, or black and white. Can be drawn on paper, or it can be scanned in and sent via email. The more the better and the more interesting variety the better.

The only remit is that the content must be COPYRIGHT FREE - I.e. no pictures or content you don't have permission to use (E.g. brand logos, or recognized names). It's only background decoration, but the more thorough we can be with keeping everything clean of restricted ownership, the better. We don't need some seriously unlucky day where someone tries to sue me because the Font used in THAT POSTER AT THE BACK is theirs and I don't have permission to use it.

Anyone who contributes will be credited in the film of course ;) Either PM me here on Deviant Art, or email me at if you wanna join in. Thanks muchly!
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Semester ends in a week and then I promise I'll get some more art going here. Might be some concept art for a project or two that I'm working on.

In fact, I might post some of the artwork for the animation I'm working on RIGHT NOW.

Who knows. I might even forget I actually wrote this and do nothing again for months.

Basically I think my gallery needs a bit more colour. Too many plain line drawings...
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So it's like this:

I don't draw much any more. I haven't completed much art in months, and I haven't regularly updated my comic in something close to a year.

This is why:

I get half way through a picture, doodle, comic or project, and start HATING the artwork to such a degree that I feel utterly disenchanted and don't want to continue.

Currently, I've got Photoshop open with the comic I've been trying to complete today. I was in good spirits about it when I scripted and sketched it out, and then I started trying to do lineart and colour and I've not even finished the first panel and I already hate it.

So here's the problem:

I hate my own artwork. Like, I really don't like my own artistic style. And despite trying hard to change it, nothing works and so I don't bother.

I realise I'm just having a jolly good moan and I think even the process of just typing out this journal seems to be helping me come to some sort of conclusion about what I'm going to do to try and fix it.

I'm going back to basics. To the very beginning. Expect rubbish from me, people. Sketchy looking pages of shit. Hopefully, constructive shit. Shit to BUILD ON.

Hopefully it'll help.
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So I'm planning to get massively creative this summer, if nothing else to keep me occupied whilst I wait for Uni to start again.

Hoping to be moving house within the next few weeks/month, which should be AWESOME and provide an awful lot less distraction by my family from being productive on the art-scene. With that in mind, I now proclaim my Art To-Do list for this summer, including a couple of short film/animation projects I may look into getting done too...

-"Hero" Graphic Novella
-"Dry" Short Animation
-S&M music video behind the scenes
-Studio Production behind the scenes
-Documentary behind the scenes
-short fictional film
-wedding video
-Coloured version of "Lil' Red" comic
-"Mort" fanpic
-Book illustrations for a child's book
-Videoed performances of "Around the World in Eighty Days"
-"Pen" Short Animation

-And I rather tentatively add 'BP Book' to the list, though I by no means expect to get it finished.

That's all I can remember just off the top of my head, but it'll be interesting to see if I manage to get even most of it done... Watch this space I guess.

Iddstar out. x
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Starting to get on top of things once again. With any luck, I'll actually finish a comic some time in the near future and perhaps the non-productivity guilt will subside a little.

At the very least I'm more or less caught up on missed mails and journals etc. well. A bit. Well. Not really, but I've cleared my Devart inbox at least.

Gonna get back on the art train soon though since I'm majorly back in the swing of drawing, possibly due to the animation module we've started at uni. I do loves my animations ^_^

So all being well, you might see some actual art start appearing some time soon. If you're lucky.

But also, you might not. Could go either way.

Iddstar Out.
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Goodness me I know I'm shaking the very foundations of comfort zones worldwide by posting yet another journal before the year is out, but I feel compelled to ask for people's advice regarding my current artistic block.

Can't seem motivated to do any artwork of any sort. A combination of very little time and many more projects steered in a more filmmaking direction has left rather a deficit of artwork in my life, and now when I even attempt to do something, nothing comes out.

How do you guys out there get over artist's block? I'm pretty damned stuck on it right now :/

Much love,
Vic xx
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Shaking things up a bit I know by posting twice in one year, but what the hey!

Currently I've got a lot on, so I'm not sure why I'm posting this but here goes:

Anyone want any art done, I'm running with this new 'donation or exchange' concept. I've never been 100% comfortable with pricing myself as an artist so I've decided to leave commissioned pricing down to the payee - any form of donation, or art exchange, or favour exchange (nothing...INRAPPROPRIATE please) will do fine. Mostly I'm just keen to keep doing work and putting a price tag on things tends to steer people away, leaving me with zero arts to do.

So there it is. Anything I can help with?

Much love!
Vic xx
And so commences my second journal ever!

Just to inform everyone who's watching that I am now taking commissions.

If you've got literally ANYTHING that you want drawn, or any sort of picture you want put together (excluding copyrighted material) then I am officially ready to go.

Commission fees are decided on a piece-by-piece basis.

Tell your friends!

Much Love

Somehow, despite having been a Deviantart member for 2 years now, I've managed to never once write a journal. I am therefore, dutifully remedying this deficieny with a brief summary or ' plan' of myself and my artistic life.

THE WHO: My name is Vic Jeanne Hill. Few people knew about the middle name before now. Some people call me Vicky, some Idd and I know at least 1 person in the world thinks my name is Ed.

THE WHAT: Aquarius. Um... Illustrator, cartoonist, animator, artist for hire.

THE PROJECTS: I run a weekly updated webcomic called Button Press, I have tonnes of side-projects, unfinished drawings and even the odd commission on the go. Usually there is more than enough kicking about to keep me occupied.

THE PLAN: Going to college in September, on a children's illustration course. The eventual goal is to set up as an illustrator or general artist for hire as my primary method of income.

uh... that's about it. The next journal will be explaining how all that worked out or changed over the next few weeks/months...

Vic x