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House Of The Rising Sun

model: Aisii :iconaisii: :heart:

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© Daniel Ilinca, 2011
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Image size
1300x797px 755.49 KB
Canon EOS 5D Mark II
Shutter Speed
1/125 second
Focal Length
27 mm
ISO Speed
Date Taken
Jun 28, 2011, 2:28:28 PM
Published:   |  Mature
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aisii might be my favorite model of yours, this picture is amazing. i love the dark empty room with the swirling cloth adding it's only real flair. and her pose is beautiful, as is the light coming in through the windows
bloodycoool's avatar
good light, a beautiful model and good photo as well=)
heidirai's avatar
such fantastic light
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Order and Chaos are the left and right hands of God.
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Stunning capture! :D
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I think Eric Burdon would approve, too!! :nod:
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cool lighting setup :)
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Brilliant image !!
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Un marco apropiado para esta belleza. Gracias.
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Multiple stuns. The model's pose hit me first, followed by the wonderful urban decay setting. Then I read the title and saw the lighting. And then I did a double-take on the lighting.
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Hi , your excellent image has been featured here [link] :)
serg-vostrikov's avatar
I'm sorry but... Actually, I realy like many your works and I'm a great fan of Aisii - she is always fantastic, you are a lucky man and a photographer :) !

And here I do not understand you work with the light. It looks like a big projector just illuminates the whole room - it does not _draw_ the picture. May be this is because it is too powerful, may be this is because of the chosen light angle... It looks like a direct light, though it's not - it is clear if we look at the shadow, but the _feeling_ is like it is direct (there is no "volume" on the model).

As I can see there is a daylight outside, isn't it? May be it would be better not to use so powerful electric light, not to use it as the main light, but use it to complete the painting of the model. For me the current using of light is like in the circus - it's not used for painting a picture, because it's used for showing all details on the scene for the whole audience.

I'm sorry again for my comment :). Honestly, I do not think you need any advices on using the light technics and I'm pretty sure you knew what you wanted to get in this capture, but as I do not know your task in this situation, I can evaluate just a result picture and I don't like the light here. Aisii is perfect in any case, of course :)
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no need to say sorry, you just pointed out some obvious things. it is direct light, didn't have too much time to setup this pic...but the shot is composed from 3 different pics, maybe that's why it looks strange. it was an experiment, will go there again someday and make it better. thanks for your comment, you have a great gallery, just added you to my watch list. :bow:
serg-vostrikov's avatar
OK, as an experiment it definitely makes sense :). Thank you for adding me to your watch-list :)
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v e r y . w e l l . d o n e
t h e . h u m a n . b o d y . w i t h . t h e . o l d . b a c k . g r o u n d
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love, love, love the location!!!
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The door at left are added in digital but the result is really good
idaniphotography's avatar
you have good eyes, partialy added in digital.
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Beautiful shot!!
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This is art! Everything:composition, light, model's expression of the face! Gorgeous!
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