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Model: Aisii :iconaisii: :heart:
Photography & retouching: me

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I've seen many images with a similar theme, a girl laying in a bathtub full of milk, however this one caught my eye because of the green netting that you decided to include. In a otherwise colorless image it adds a great pop to draw your eye in and helps draw your focus to the models face (the red nails add to this as well). That being said I almost feel that it makes the rest of the image bland in comparison. I wish there was a way the image worked with a tighter crop but I can understand why it's done this way. Technically it's stunning, sharp and polished and the lighting is perfect. I also love the slight golden shimmer on her eyelids and I think it's a great way of drawing in the viewer to her eyes without having eye contact. So while over all the image feels a little unbalanced to me, as a portrait it's absolutely wonderful.
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Hey Dani,

I really love this piece. It has caught my eye through the piles of work that DeviantArt provides as a piece and composition that I haven't seen before.

Getting down to business, I have a few things to say. Was it intentional to have the camera not center the arch of the liquid around the person?

The hands are fantastic. Body as well, head surrounded by the green net,

But I keep getting this feeling that all my attention is drawn to the head, and the composition is not necessarily even. I don't know if that was intentional or not, but I find it important to draw the visualizer to multiple parts of the drawing. What I'm saying is that there is a huge amount of dimension in one part of the piece, while the rest feels very flat.

Perhaps using a model with a darker skin tone would bring the shapes that you want to have attention guided towards out in the lower section, unless your intention was to focus entirely on the head area, which would be perfectly fine.

Adding the depth of the net makes my eye yearn for depth in the rest of the piece.

That being said, I love the composition, and it stood out to me while browsing infinitely more than most pieces. Keep it up. I'm going to follow your work.

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baaa imi placee!!:))
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Nice photo, but wouldnt a more suitable title be Anima since Animus is the representation of the male self within the female? Unless the title represents the unseen Animus within your subject and is simply assumed, it seems like a misnomer.
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Great work of Art !
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WOW!!! You just have the best ideas and I'm lovin' your photos!
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as if she was wearing a dress mae out of pure milk. amazing!
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Beautiful image. Not sure I could bring myself to mask Aisii lovely face in any way, but this works very well. :)
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Wow :) Truly beautiful
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Check out my critique. I may be a bit harsh, but I pride myself on my cold eye.
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this reminds me of Audrey Kawasaki's oil paintings.
it's very beautiful
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wow...this is really nice man! congrats one again
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it's a different take on something commonly done. Nicely edited. Great model. It makes one stop to ponder. Cheers and thanks. Fav.
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dat grosha clone!!!11

nah..just trolling :P
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a really great Picture!!!
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awesome Shot & stunning work dear
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