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Hello! This work really struck me as wonderful. It's fresh, colorful, and dynamic. The theme of the birds is great and works well with ...

This piece has an interesting effect on me. It makes use of a well balanced composition and crisp details in many places to maintain a ...


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M. McGuire
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Finding my own style of comics and really intrigued by plaster.

General Artist Inspirations: Thomas Cole, Nick Cave (soundsuit guy), Barbara Hepworth, Auguste Rodin, Henry Moore... lots of others but those are the ones that come to mind right now...

Inspirations for Comics Specifically: Scott McCloud, Daniel Clowes, Eddie Campbell, Guy Delisle, Art Speigelman, Matt Madden, Jessica Abel, Chester Brown... those are the big ones that I can think of. I actually met Matt Madden! He's a super cool guy!

History of my art:
When I was a child I made Idan Carre, Cori Benson, Kellum Kester, and Watson Carre, who were all involved in an extensive plot involving wizards and dragons and fictional animals of all sorts. Later Idan and Cori evolved in to a pseudo gemini/two-spirit identity of mine. Other people have written fan fictions about them that make me so happy. I love them both dearly.

When I was in high school I was pretty lonely so I made a 50 year plot line of some Sci-Fi people. Primarily it retells the life and times of Michael Knight, an ex-military member who gets roped up in the ongoing war with aliens in space but he's really just looking for love and a clear conscience. It's obviously more complicated than that, there's some art and journal entries about it here somewhere...

Now that I have some real friends in the world I try not to concern myself with the egoless pit of imagination that used to eat me up in high school. Now I'm trying to figure out where I want to go next with my comics and sculpture.

I did illustrations for the book Mission 51 and I contributed to the MetaComic Mr. Polly.

General information:

I'm a math major at the College of Wooster. I play keyboards in the band Rat Queen and I play the melodica in the college bluegrass band. I also love philosophy. I'm particularly interested in the idea that personal identity is something of an illusion, as it relieves certain aspects of existential suffering. Fancy words aside, I like to think of my current self as a close relative of myself in a few months, but not really the same person. So death isn't such a strange things when you think of yourself that way. It's just another one of those transitions that you go through all the time.

I really love the way Robert Nozick writes, everything is so crisp and clear. He once distinguished 8 different possible meanings of the word "meaning" in an attempt to determine the meaning of life.

I'm antipostmodernist, but not in an antagonistic way. I take after Jordan Peterson in that regard. Really my first and foremost priority in life is the pursuit of truth, both in action and in words. That is all. But it's not all because you have define truth pretty carefully before that means very much. Anyway.

I deleted all my social media except dA. dA is where I learn from other people and keep a digital copy of all my work in case I lose some of the actual papers. If I ever produce anything of magnitude I'll probably re-emerge in the digital dominancy hierarchy games, but for now I'm steeping in history and philosophy and studying the finer details of using a brush to illustrate comics.

If I was going to die tomorrow I'd call everyone I ever loved and tell them how meaningful their lives are. Your life could be meaningful too.


Hi I'm going to be screenprinting t-shirts over christmas break. My mom is opening up an etsy shop around the same time, so I'm going to see if i can try selling some shirts on etsy for fun. I need some help figuring out which of my ideas might be a good one to try first.
Here are some ideas so far:
1. A rendition of Life's a Shocker (the original is attached here, I'll change it a bit but this is the basic idea)
Life's a Shocker by IdanCarre
2. Something Vaporwave... Roman statue, plants, checkerboard, AESTHETICS, you know. Maybe a rennition of la Croix font that says Los Angeles Croi X (roman numeral 10)

3. Plain white t-shirt where I've screenprinted the pocket to look like you have a bunch of tropical plants coming out of your pocket.

4. A cool font that says "END MEN". Probably only appeals to extreme feminists in reality, but i just think the expression is funny because it is a bit absurdist.

5. a cool racecar design

6. abstract shapes with lots of shadows 

7. 4 panel comic about something, i'm not sure what yet

8. b/w drawings of famous comics artists

He's back to sleeping very little,
I'm back to sleeping all the time.
He must know what's going on
but doesn't bother to change the rhythm.
Coffee is drank at any time of the day with no net effect.

It's seven o'clock in the evening. I ask myself, "Is that too early to throw the towel in and just skip to tomorrow?"
Sleep is like one of life's menu options where you can just skip to the end of the day if you see no need to continue frittering away the afternoon.

On the other hand, my friend needs a reverse mechanism where sleeping allows him to restart the game completely,
to regain the days he needs just to make some small headway on all the things he aspires to do. 

I briefly feel incompetent and unproductive at the thought of the game he plays, but the cognitive dissonance is too much to me and I succumb to a change in my appraisal of the situation. I need to protect my health. I cannot spend hours ruminating about things that are unhealthy for me to bother with, so I should sleep to move on.

He knows his health is already destroyed, he doesn't need to bother with sleep beyond the four hours he usually gets because he can function reasonably on that. This is his cognitive appraisal of the situation. I'm not sure if it's true, I haven't actually seen him in a year and a half, so.

Perhaps when my cold goes away and the frustrations of my other personal problems resolve themselves I will push myself to accomplish a fraction of the things he does. Until then, back to sleep.
Swigart High Comic
Bob Greenhalgh is going to be a junior in high school in the fall of 1952. It was going to be like any other year, until he met Mary-Jo in the summer. She's just moved to Swigartville, and Bob can't keep his eyes off her. Bob, you're spilling coffee everywhere- Um, Bob? BOB! 

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