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Little Boy VI

If I could only make things different.

Little Boy I
Little Boy II
Little Boy III
Little Boy IV
Little Boy V
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I think I :+fav:d all pictures in the Little Boy series...
This is just... beautiful. :heart:
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the most emotive of the serie !
great work for the six "little boy" :)
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О_о what his name?
very good foto, I like the eyes and hair. It`s so beauty *____*
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is it ok if I used this? : ) Its for someone on another site asking for a photo manipulation thing.....

please? lol. This is a really good photo.
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I'm sorry, I don't want you to use it.
Rawr... :D very nice eye. :) :)
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Really beautiful (:
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really nice :]
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så vackert öga !! xD bra gjort :clap:
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So beautiful eye!!! I could watch them 4ever!
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its gr8. . .
evrything is visible from his eyes. . .
his feelings is xpressed from his eyes. . .
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amazing shot. such deep expression. i love it.
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Amazing! I love this picture...
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i love this serie:heart:^^ actually i saw this shot a few months ago, but i remembered it just a few day ago.. he has inspired me for the main character in my novel^^ just wanted you to know it! is so perfect! and let me say YOUR GALLERY IS AWESOME!!

visit mine?[link]
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wow, thank you :)
it's really amazing to know that I have inspired someone else, that's how creative things should work in my opinion. You see something that inspires you, you create something and then someone else can be inspired from that. thank you for letting me know and thank you for commenting :D
good luck with your novel!
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^^ yeah! I really loved the shot and i was looking for the perfect guy to be my main (boy) character :D and sudendly I saw this!!!!!!!! is perfect! may I'll warn you if the finished novel finally goes on sale^^ thank you very much!!:heart::huggle:
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wow SO beautiful :)
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