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My first desktop customize using rainmeter. After used 4 weeks to finish my desktop.
- 2 week for finding suitable wallpaper for my desktop concept from 300+ wallpapers.
- 1 week for finding image to use with my photo slide show from 200+ images.
- 1 week for create my rainmeter config and modify from other cool skin to make it suitable with my concept.

I never write any config of rainmeter and it not easy like i think ,so i used 3 day to finish system information indicator.

And the cpu usage in pictures is not used by rainmeter i'm try to make it running much more to show you to color indicator of cpu.
Hope you like it and if you want to see my paper drawing concept , i write the detail and a little screenshot here

And sorry for my English.

Credit ::
Inspriration , Code Sample , Modify ::
- Calendar Enigma (By Kaelri) link
- ForceX System Monitor V1.4 by *ForceX34 link
- Cordial by ~shademe link
- Another Winamp.Fb2k Skin by ~imflawed link
- Countdown For Rainmeter by *Gerguter link

Dock Icon ::
- Next, Previous Dock Icon ,Unknow , can't remember
- Internet Explorer 7 Icon Pack by ~rear link
- Cubo Colors by ~Hunthmx link
- Internet Icon - icns and png by ~jasonrayner link
- Google Chrome Dock Icon by ~Little-FR34K link
- Firefox dock icon by ~JyriK link
- Foobar 2k by ~Czokalapik link
- Vlc Media Player by ~skingcito link
- Media Player Classic by ~v1adut link
- Thermometer dock icon red by ~JyriK link
- Plastic Wilber by ~Anteman link
- MSN Dock Icon by =r00ky link
- Ashampoo Burning Studio 9 by ~FenyX93 link
- FastStone Photo Resizer by ~sonnysavage link

Wallpaper ::
- HD Color Blur by ~luftherz link

Default Photo Slide Show ::
- Streamline by *ladyrapid link
- Grand Disorder by ~hameed link

Others ::
System information , Note , Photo Slide show , Application launcher
By Me
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viking9969's avatar
Very cool!! Great job...congrats!!! One Q: what's the font you used on the cordial clock? Thanks for sharing!
All the best....
ssuuddoo's avatar
awesome, dude. it's a work of art, just thumbs up in using Your time. ;) (I know it by myself, when I've spent days and days by customizing the system & desktop instead of doing my homeworks) thumbs up, bro. +++ ;)
reyhanzal's avatar
can you upload this sistem config?
i'm very pleased.
semut05's avatar
please share your photo slide show with us mate...your desktop is awesome!
WhittlingDesigns's avatar
Cool shot man, I like your style! :thumbsup: :+fav:
Thank you. :)
congapc's avatar
Amazing setup! Nice colors and font!
nstar5u's avatar
could you maybe link to the centre system info config? i really like it. :)
:) I'll upload my system config soon.
silverSahar's avatar
What's the colorful system monitor in the middle?
That's real time system information and it's rainmeter config , no use image , use only text config like Arcs by Kaelri.

I create my own to make it fit with my concept but Arcs by Kaelri is my inspiration.
And the center of circle system information is recycle bin , it can click to popup recycle bin.
(sorry for my English, if i make you confuse please let's me know i'll try to make it clear)
sgtevmckay's avatar
well done friend
Just edit my post detail and change default image size to better look :)
and hope you like it.
beq24's avatar
very nice....:#1:
:) :) thank you
7Vale's avatar
Love how everything fits together :D
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