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Sororitas Power Armor concept V2.0

Battle-Sister of Order of Argent Shroud. Armor now is more "power" and massive, all needed layers of armor presents now (previous version lacks fibre-muscles layer).
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How awesome is that
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Oh thank Heaven someone finally did away with those idiotic Fleur-de-lisle boob cups. I get that W40K is a fantasy universe, but you don't have to sexualize everything about it. >_<
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Not to derail your social justice warrior-ing there but Sisters of Battle were actually made specifically for young men, to get them interested in 40k. Hence the whole boob armor bit. Now I will agree that the metal torpedo tits on their armor is a bit much, but if you simply tone it back it'd be fine.
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I'm hardly a social justice warrior; I don't even spew vitriol at people I disagree with on Tumblr. ;) (Wink) I like sexy women as much as anyone, and when I was a teenager I loved armor like this in science-fiction and chainmail bikinis in fantasy. However, after studying weapons and armor for several years all I can think of is how impractical that would be, to the point where it breaks my immersion in whatever I'm viewing/reading. :grumble: 

I know Games Workshop designed Sisters of Battle figures to appeal to young men, but those aren't the only ones who play Warhammer. Their fans from back in the 80s are middle-aged, fans from the 90s and early 2000s are adults, and women are entering the tabletop scene more and more. Heck, I've seen fans purchase miniatures from other companies who offer more realistic armor for women; from a business standpoint, potentially excluding some of your customer base is just silly. Shrug 
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Fair points, and sorry for the assumption. Yes, I agree that they are potentially excluding or even alienating potential customer but thats GW for you. They haven't made a smart move in years. If they did, Primaris Marines wouldnt exist.
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Why do people hate Primaris marines so much, is it just because they are selling more Space Marines that way?

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A few reasons but they boil down to this: shit writing. Alot of die-hard fans like myself do not enjoy how they were unceremoniously tossed into the lore with disregard for the other marines. Alot of us also don't enjoy or appreciate that guys who have held the line for 10,000 YEARS are now being pushed aside all because the newer model is supposedly an upgrade. Now I might be biased from personal experience, but newer isn't always better and old dogs know more tricks then the new dogs can learn. When I look at the Primaris marines and their figurehead, the Ultrasue's, I see nothing but pansyasses.

That all said, it wouldn't stop me from buying Primaris models. I would just consider them old school marines in new kit, which honestly would have been a better route storywise and exactly what I did in my AU, because again, tiny bit biased.

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Well it does seem you're biased yeah. I think I have the advantage since I got into warhammer by just looking at the model kits in a local toy store, never bought any of them nor painted the figures, I just liked looking at them. And now since April I've been diving into lore videos. I'll be honest, I cringe when people hate on the Primaris or the Ultramarines. I don't particularly hate anything in 40k and I'll keep it that way, I just illustrate things, I don't play the tabletop either so that might have been why I never have had any hate towards any faction. I do know way back it were the Eldar who were hated, and now it's the Ultramarines, it's just trendy I guess.

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Its not trendy so much as it is GW ramming one specific thing down the fans throats repeatedly for so long and also wholesale changing things on a whim instead of gradually. If they had started introducing Primaris back in 2010 and done so slowly, by now we'd have no issues.

Similarly, if Black Librarys writers would stop writing bad stories and characters who are perfect (mary sues) then we'd also be fine. But GW has done neither, so here we are. So cringe all you like but thats the way it is. Now that GW has pulled a CBS they will lose even more fans, and money hopefully.

You want some dark sci-fi to support instead of 40k? Rexmaquina, go look it up.

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You want to know the irony of this situation? In the past many people who complain, about Bikini armour on Female characters, are unrealistic and impractical. And it only there to make female characters look good. Are the same people today, are complaining about how practical armor is making female character less attractive and more like male characters.
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Ironic isn't it? Or is it hypocrisy? I can't really tell the difference between them these days.
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The sisters are the one justified example I've seen.

Read up the lore. The Ministorum is forbidden "men under arms" after Goge Vandire. Thus the Sororitas emphasise that they're women.
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Yeah, some crotchety old High Lord decided they should use D-cup power armor to "emphasize that they're women." Probably while snickering behind his augments like a schoolboy, exchanging smirks with the other High Lords. Eye Roll
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Just as immature to care so much in the inverse.
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Nice! It definitely feels beefy, while the curved torso segment gives it a unique vibe that's notably different from that of the Astartes.
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Missing the Hanging Pauldron cloths/sleeves/drapes - They plus the actual pauldrons are what make the Canon Sororitas Power armour look good - and are a big part of the Adepta Sororitas feel.

The outer pauldrons could also be more of a rectangle (filling in the quarter-circle gaps); the hydraulics/similar under them can manage the weight and angles just like on Astartes armour, and this would protect the visible upper arm that's been left relatively unarmoured. Plus the drapes fitted beneath the pauldron and all would be well.

scratch that; just noticed the under-pauldrons are too wide, restricting movement.

Please show a helmetless version; Sororitas almost never wear helmets. :P (perhaps reduced/partially removed/remove gorget at that, idk. Just doesn't fit them very well.)
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Erm.... I'm not sure how 'Sororitas' fits an armor that... looks completely male....
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i agree, it like terminator armour almost, the V1 looks better
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this is some cool stuff
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While I quite like the increased bulk, I feel the armor needs more bling. Or rather, MOAR BLING! The basic idea behind the Ecclesiarchy for me is “We are so rich and powerful that we can take the most inane idea and throw enough money at it that is becomes somewhat viable", so the armor should definitely look like it is made to impress and to look rich rather than practical. For instance, if you compare the shoulderplates from your version to the shoulderplates from the original, the shape of your shoulderplates looks very practical. It looks like an engineer decided “What is the best shape to make it the most protective for the lower cost”. The original version looks like an artist first thought “Hey, this shape looks good”, and then the Ecclesiarchy threw money at the problem until they got the very best and extremely expensive material needed to make this stupid shape *still work* ^^'. Similarly I would expect the torso to be full of little engravings representing famous saints, or holding like bone relics of some saint or another, and stuff like this. I really like the more crazy part of the Sisters/Ecclesiarchy, like the Exorcist church organ missile launcher!
It's still a great piece, ofc.
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