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From time to time I've been asked for a commission so I figure I might as well put something like this up here. By default, my commission status is 'ask me' which translates to "I don't want to focus entirely on commissions, however if you really want me to do something for you, drop me a line and we'll see if we can't arrange something."


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How it works:

  • Any commissions at or under the equivalent of $10 AU (roughly under 800 :points: ) must be paid upfront. Payment for larger amounts may be done in halves; first part upfront, second part on delivery.
  • At this stage I only deal in point commissions for the general populace.
  • Personal friends get mate's rates and may pay with papal if they like. Send me a note anyway~
  • I'll not begin until we've discussed your request, agreed on a price and received any upfront payment.
  • Commissions will come second to work and study, though I will endeavour to keep you informed of progress.
  • Rough quotes are free. Send me a note if you'd like one, or if you have a question. c:
  • Prices listed below are a guide only. I'll be able to provide a more accurate estimate once we've discussed the details of what you're after.
  • I also reserve the right to decline a request for whatever reason, including but not limited to:
    • The request is something I don't feel comfortable with creating.
    • The request demands more time and commitment than I can allow.
    • I do not have the available time or resources to meet your request.

What you can get:


  • Heart Gold / Soul Silver style Walking icons ala Rosetta Overworld III by icytemporalist or Mathis and Freya Overworld by icytemporalist
    (In the style of the GSC remakes where your lead Pokémon would follow you around. Trainers may end up looking more like Black / White style and all Pokémon up to Gen IV are available. Gen V onwards may rely on fan-made sprites if available.)
    • Character only: 600 :points:
    • + 1 Pokémon: +100 :points:
    • + Custom features / animations: starting at +100 :points: ea
    • Full sprite sheet: 1200 :points:

  • SoA style icons ala Charade Overworld (SoA) by icytemporalist
    (In the style of Pokémon Ranger: Shadows of Almia. Only Pokémon from the Ranger Trilogy are available.)
    • Character only: 900 :points:
    • Character + 1 Pokémon: +200 :points:
All sprites can be in up, down, left or right and by default are walking. Running and standing still are also available and SoA styled sprites can also be on the 4 diagonals. Other options (such as spinning, riding a Pokémon, use of abilities, custom emotes/designs etc.) may be available, likely for an extra fee.


  • Sketches Starting at 100 :points:
    • Very Cheap
    • Very Quick [Probably]
    • You get what you pay for.
    • That's it.
    • Old art as examples: Tumblr Sketchlings V by icytemporalist


u no I can do speeling n' grammar gud?

I'm a native (Aussie) English speaker, so if you'd like I can go over a thing you've written (Fiction, Reports, Artist Comments, whatever you like really) for spelling / grammar stuff. (And I'm a little friendlier than what Microsoft Word might offer!)
If you prefer, I can commit crimes against the letter u and use American spellings.
(Disclaimers: Anything I check must be eventually published online somewhere, be it dA, tumblr, or wherever you like to put your written stuff. If it's for school, I'll only offer Grammar / Readability checks. NSFW works may be accepted case-by-case.)
Prices listed are per default A4 page in Microsoft word, rounded to the nearest half page. (2.54cm margins, 10pt paragraph spacing, size 11 Calibri).
  • 30:points: - Grammar check: I'll let you know what parts need work without going into details.
  • 40:points: - Grammar fixes: As above, though I'll show you specifically what changes I'd suggest.
  • 40:points: - Readability check: I'll point out parts of the prose which may deter a viewer from reading to the end.
  • 50:points: - Readability suggestions: As above and I'll also suggest changes to improve the text.
  • 60:points: - THE LOT: I shall go through your work with a fine toothed comb and make any changes for spelling, grammar and readability. I will also require you credit me somewhere in the commentary. Be mindful that some groups may not allow works that have been through this process.


Other options may be available upon enquiry.

© 2013 - 2021 icytemporalist
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God damn it i dont jave enough