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How To Cheat In Art: Tutorial

By icyookami
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Don't take anything in this tutorial seriously.

But yes, these are great ways to cheat xD

~Dirtydingus-McGee and i wrote this :D
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lol I use eyepatches all the time
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So true, but I have done it without even reading this XD

But I commonly hide hands :D
I formerly hide eyes using extra hair :D ^V^
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:XD: too late, i'm cheating now.

way to hardly draw anything: USE THEM ALL AT ONCE. AWWWW YEAH.
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This is me, especially the long sleeves and neck part.
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I'd have liked to have seen them all together at the end, but it's funny still
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So... I'll start with the baggy, black, fully-body suit, the balaclava, the smoke screen and end with a note at the bottom saying I was tired so the art probably won't meet my normal standards... that do?
:) Love it.
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In retrospect, I think drawing the scarf would cause more tedium then simply drawing the neck.
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The hiding hands thing is very true.
My mom hates to draw hands (and so to I). So we both tend to hide the hands some way or another.
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ackk..i've used all of them n one picture before...im so cheap...
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Its amazing how I naturally already do some of those things xD
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I made a pic featuring a bunch of the ways to cheat!
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This tutorial is awesome.

Btw, I have another way to cheat. Just say it's a chibi, and just draw stumps! If its a chibi, nobody will question it. =D
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im not sure if this tutorial was supposed to be funny, but after i read it, i laughed for like, 5 minutes.
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Scarves, long sleeves, and long hair- they look good together, and hide flaws!
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Omg I used to do all these when i was 10 XDD well..I still do some like the long sleeves part XD
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XD i can't tell you how many times i've done each of these! XD woot ninja masks and eye patches! HAHA!
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Use the force! Haha.
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One of my draws have the hand hidden in the pants' pocket :evileye:
Beyond that, this tutorial gives nices tricks for mistakes!
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XD i always use the hair covering the eye one lol ^_^ i never can get those perfect eyes to match :D and yes i do suck at hands and i always try to hide one of them and show the other sometimes :D
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heh! nice ideas XD
I cheat at hands all the time....I make boxing gloves or long sleeves XD
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