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Taut Flirtation :iconicynight:IcyNight 0 0
Tragic masks fall around us
Like porcelain tears crashing into the down around us;
We move forward, hoping that it gets better, but knowing that
Behind the masks,
We all see ourselves with out faces, eyes, or ears.
How can we embody the Will, when so much is peeling-
Triumphant over us in ways that a mask can never hide.
Scars upon the tender glass,
Marbles in a strange tide, polished red, then green, then white,
Hiding in the surf and sand,
Shining treasures, waiting for the hand to feed them,
Give them strength.
But the hand does not come, the bells do not toll,
The masks just fall, Autumn leaves in the mists of history,
And the Faeries dance the Solstice round, the dragons sing the hymns,
We all call about us those dark soldiers made of tin,
And we paint over the fractures, hoping that the mask will stay
:iconicynight:IcyNight 1 0
Let the Darkness Take my Tears
As I lay me down to weep
I pray the dark my tears to keep;
If I should cry before dawn’s break
I pray the dark my tears to take.
Make sure mine eyes are dry by mourning
So that I can find the path lost to men;
A road, leading to the inhuman,
That I attempt to find yet again–
This path towards ascension.
I know that should I by light, shed a tear,
Than I will not again be whole.
Through the melancholy vista–
Plateau absconded by my humanity,
I shall find the road to take
To shed my heart and be free.
:iconicynight:IcyNight 0 0
The Road of the Gods
The Road of the Gods
Songs of the Summer breeze dance fitfully
As the dreams of our forefathers are unrealized,
Such is the face of Morgana's fated cruelties;
While benign in her affections, but deadly in her embrace–
How too, shall we see, the passions of our desires,
Limited in scope and breadth, to become
Embodied in our sense of self divinity.
So too, is the falling of stars among men
To grace the sea, crackle and burst
As the Gods spit upon the the lowly beastial effigies–
Casting doubt through the pain of time
on who we are,
Who we can become; I am become again,
Awakened through the infernal pleasures,
Celestial tongues, Like cooling metal,
Cast deep impressions of the scars
Heavy on my brow.
Born for more, like Set,
Leading us through shadowed sands, only to
Stop again.  The forgery of a barren landscape;
Life renews each day a fresh, only to end in
Sullen impetus to wander alone, the desert.
Tempt me not, succulent ambrosia,
For I shall xeper through this Aeon,
:iconicynight:IcyNight 0 3
When I Thought You Hadn't Lied
When I Thought You Hadn’t Lied
Back before I knew better, I dressed up and tried to be
Something that you wanted me to be.
I almost forgot that I am worthy
Of all the love I demanded given to me
But now I know that your heart wasn’t in us
And you only felt that I was a backwoods road
I became the stepping stone across the rapids
So that you could step your lying ass down
To lower the standards that I upheld
And give yourself to someone else
Back then, I tried so hard to make you happy
I tried so hard, and lost sight of what was real
You pulled a shade over my eyes
And I only have myself to blame
For believing all those lies
It wasn’t all that long ago I knew
What your kiss was like.  Seems that I’ve forgotten
What my own kiss was worth
You tried to bring me down, you tried to tie my hands
You failed to make me see that you’re a better man
I will keep believing in myself before it all
That I was so much stronger, that I was capable
Now you can go on th
:iconicynight:IcyNight 1 2
The artistry of allure is prevalent,
should ambivalence hold true,
light would come through.
passions diverge,
and hell hath no fury like
a man with shadows at his feet.
:iconicynight:IcyNight 1 0
Vision of History
A silhouette of standing bones
Crest the hills I once called home
And in this land of burnt out spires
I feel a wave of old desires.
True, here, the sky touches the mountain
And yet, that caress is too gentle
To maim the memories of heartfelt disgust
Even with the waste of years,
The harbored hatred festers clear.
Though I have since moved away
This poisonous territory still holds sway
Over my shadowed past
:iconicynight:IcyNight 0 0
The Black Flame
Through the darkness of fear, I find that I am soaring
Higher than the sterno fires that light our minds
Purple flames raining divinity into our souls, we are the Black Flame
Forget the waters primal, set against the obelisk
We are the children of Nyx and Naughty, fleshy dancers on the earth
Try to soar with me, as I fly higher in the sky
Through the damaging tears of sadness, we have our fill of draught
soapy foam forms thick sheets of apprehension among the shore
as we wade the surf to take a last breath in the atmosphere of our fathers
We become the tide, we ache, and ebb, and float along the sandy bottom
Into the craters of venus, the maelstrom of family, we reach new heights
The zenith of our passive lives, we are become
We are the one
We are the none
We are the child, as he lights the darkness with a darker flame
:iconicynight:IcyNight 0 0
The wise ones by IcyNight The wise ones :iconicynight:IcyNight 0 1 Stanza by IcyNight Stanza :iconicynight:IcyNight 0 0 Another Chibi me by IcyNight Another Chibi me :iconicynight:IcyNight 0 0 A familiar calling by IcyNight A familiar calling :iconicynight:IcyNight 2 2 Malochio by IcyNight Malochio :iconicynight:IcyNight 1 0
Dolly Strings
Sometimes even dolls get tired of tea parties
Take the sugar far away, I'll just enjoy my quiet time
No more puppet strings, tugging at my dolly heart
Time for me to play dress up, such a grown up game
Puppeteers don't get to make me dance for them
I may be made of porcelain, but I'm not that fragile
My Dolly heart is resting on my knee
With my hand in the Aorta, I can make it sing.
Good for you, happy with the marionette life
I cut those strings to play my own way
Far away from wicked hands,
that make me dance against the time
Puppeteers don't get to make me dance for them
I may be made of porcelain, but I'm not that fragile
My Dolly heart is resting on my knee
With my hand in the Aorta, I can make it sing.
When I want to walk, I walk
No one else can make me talk
I control this dolly heart
Puppeteers don't get to make me dance for them
I may be made of porcelain, but I'm not that fragile
My Dolly heart is resting on my knee
With my hand in the Aorta, I can make it sing.
:iconicynight:IcyNight 1 0
Mature content
Musings of the Midnight Sun :iconicynight:IcyNight 0 0
Mature content
Living lies :iconicynight:IcyNight 1 2


Odyssey Propulsion
Artists, Writers, Poets, Deviants.

We want you!

Odyssey II is the second mass collaboration event to be conceived on deviantART this time under the watchful gaze and guiding hand of none other than Clive Barker - - the master of fantastical narratives. The result will be published next year in digital and traditional book form. 

Read about the Project and participate in the creative event of the new millennium (before it ends, of course, with the apocalypse). Here is the current prompt inspired by the latest Odyssey II chapter chosen by Clive. 

Prompt for Cha
:icontechgnotic:techgnotic 498 599
Here I am! by Lady-Branwyn Here I am! :iconlady-branwyn:Lady-Branwyn 7 1 Murder by maruhana-bachi Murder :iconmaruhana-bachi:maruhana-bachi 2,868 93 Envy by Talonas Envy :icontalonas:Talonas 2 1
History's Enough
What was once is now again
Come full circle ever more
Most last a jungle, drenched with rain
Is now a desert, parched with dust
Are these the mirrors of the past
come back again to haunt
A different place with different lives
But with the same result
The list of names and numbers
Grows longer each new day
How many times until the end
How long must this go on
What the difference made is asked
And is it worth the cost
But the answer, like the rest
Stays as it was before
In a heartfelt thanks from a man
And the smile of a child
And in a hope for something more
Than a life of fear and terror
The answer then now is still the same
Of if it is or was enough
If but only one lone life now is better off
It all matters very much
:iconisealdor:Isealdor 1 0
The Sound of Alone
Shattering glass and echoes of a silent scream
The trickle of water forms into a flood
A swirl of wind and the wish of a dream
Creaking of a door followed with a reverberating bang
The pounding of a half-stone heart
Shuddered breath explodes its way out
Repudiative of the world standing to be torn apart
A half-screamed plea but an echoing whisper
Breathing of anguish tried to express
The ringing of questions without any answers
Moans of an arch wanting of a caress
A whispering cold filled with the roar of blackness
:iconisealdor:Isealdor 1 0
I'll sweep the floor with you by rah-bop I'll sweep the floor with you :iconrah-bop:rah-bop 3,319 615 JUN2 by HOON JUN2 :iconhoon:HOON 2,761 182 Beastly Asymmetrical by HOON
Mature content
Beastly Asymmetrical :iconhoon:HOON 1,593 120
Kei by HOON Kei :iconhoon:HOON 2,521 115 Sabin: Transformation by silent-clarion Sabin: Transformation :iconsilent-clarion:silent-clarion 33 11 From Sabin contest by emilynguyenart From Sabin contest :iconemilynguyenart:emilynguyenart 305 30 Kaleidoscope - commission by shirotsuki Kaleidoscope - commission :iconshirotsuki:shirotsuki 3,088 459 .Yours. by shirotsuki .Yours. :iconshirotsuki:shirotsuki 2,183 355 Blackbird - Seraph by shilin Blackbird - Seraph :iconshilin:shilin 1,412 210 Paawaak's performing outfit by kamicheetah Paawaak's performing outfit :iconkamicheetah:kamicheetah 141 48


I have been pondering, for some not so obvious reasons, what seems to be going on with life.  Why it moves in the phases that it does, and how my own interpretations will be able ot apply allegory and metaphor to these cycles.

It's almost like trying to write a novella, or an article.  Finding the words that represent who you are, and getting them to also allude to the inner reaches.  Shining a light directly on the feelings of your deepest mind is possable, but doesn't allow for someone else to see what lingers in between the folds.  It's the in-between places that I have been searching.

SO, as I update this page, keep in mind that nothing is direct. The obvious is an illusion, it's between the lines that truth is found.


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Artist | Student | Varied
United States
There is no nightmare more potent than a memory. At least, that is what I have come to understand in the 23 years that I have been creating and attempting to understand the complexitites of existance.

I feel that most artists are grasping at straws, trying to get otehr people to view the world in their own way, to nudge their consciousness into a direction simmilar to their own. Hopefully, I will be able to succeed at this just once.


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