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Mac Dragon

By IcyIceIce
Thanks to the original creator of the brush I used to create this dragon wallpaper.


Whithout his wonderful dragon brush this diviation would not be possible.

Walls are in 1440x900 widescreen and 1600X1200 4:3 format.
Three walls in each format.
-Jet Black
© 2006 - 2021 IcyIceIce
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Very nice, I know what I’m saying I live in a state where good art Is not enough .


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That's a really nice wallpaper IcyIceIce.

Regards and from.


Comment sent from 3/23 Marlborough Road Bayswater Australia Victoria 3153.

Sing - Ash Icon.
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Looks to me like you took the default wallpaper from Kali Linux, removed the text, switched it to black and white, then stuck the apple logo in the middle.
Still looks cool though.
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i love dragon walls :)
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Now presenting: The iDragon! I want one...
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that is sooo inventive
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Do you have a version without the gray horizontal stripes? Otherwise this is amazing and is my current background on my iMac.
I love how people take a Linux logo and plaster it with ugly Apple logos.



You're buddy didn't make that brush. He stole it from the BackTrack Project.
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Can't impress everybody. >_>
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Faved!:boogie: nice piccy! that would be better logo than that booring apple! I love dragons! :excited: Stupid me! Nobody is intrested to know that!:ohmygod::stupidme:
Wow If i ever get a mac thats going to be my my desktop background!
nice wallpaper dude...
can you send me the url to the brush you used?
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That's cool! Can I use it as my desk top?
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Thanks! Yes, you may use it as your desktop wallpaper.
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