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Webs of Beautiful Demise Chapter 2
Webs of Beautiful Demise - Chapter 2
RID2015 Sideswipe and Jazz, featuring Aiuke's OC, Spiderbite
WARNINGS mild robot slash
Walking along the forest floor, Sideswipe continued to mope in silence. The fresh coat of wax and the sweet scent of the air fresheners didn't help him feel any better than before. Grimlock was lumbering next to, appearing to be in a happy mood.
"I love it when water falls from the sky one day, and the next day the sun is out," chuckled the green Dinobot.
"Why do you love it?" probed Sideswipe, who wasn't too fond of rain, and the giant puddles it left behind.
"I dunno," replied Grimlock with a shrug, "I just do."
Sideswipe rolled his optics with a smirk, giving the Dinobot a pat on the arm. Grimlock had such a simple mind, a really basic and simple mind, but it really suited him. He was just a big innocent behemoth with a big spark included, though he did get rough when he was angry. It must b
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There's so many arts that I like. The artists very talent and amazing to me.



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S'up! As the title said, I had created more OC toons for good reason, however... I had no idea what do with them now. I only keeping one or two of the OC toons since I have plans for them (I might give one away as a gift or for free), but as for the rest, no idea. So... I'm thinking of selling the rest of the toons I had just created, but I don't know if anyone would want them once I've posted them. So, I need some advice... How should I sell them? I already know about 'if you're attached, don't' or 'Once you've sell them, you can't have them back' I KNOW! I just want to know if I really should sell my OCs that I won't use them in anything. Once I scan them in and outline (maybe digital & color) them, I'll post them on either here and put up the price. Of course it'll be in USA dollars and I'll be using my PayPal (well, my sister's since I don't have a bank account yet) to sell them. I'll put out the rules of it once I'm done.

Sorry for the grammar... Anyway! We shall see...

See ya later wave remake 

EDIT (1010/2018): Well, I have digital and color the toons I had sketch and plan to sell them at some price (Still thinking, so bear with me). Right now, I need to set up the rules and I'm looking at examples here on DeviantART, but seeing if there are other ways for you guys to buy them. I mean, yes there are PayPal and could do Points, although, I'm still learning about the amount for the Points on DeviantART. I did notice you can use others like set a link to where you can buy it, but not 100% sure. In the meantime, I'm looking into it to make sure I'll do it right and you guys can get a chance buy one of them (or maybe more than one? I don't know yet) without an issue.

I will let you guys know when I'm ready to post up the Selling Adoptable OCs in the next Journal with the rules in it. Again, I might I do PayPal (which will be my sister's since I do have an account yet. Oh! And it's USD) and/or Points and probably use my new homepage Ko-fi to get them. But we shall see. And if you guys have some advice or examples for me to see and learn of how to see adoptable OCs, please let me know. (But no flames, please)

See ya later and wish me luck Emoticon: Bow 
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Just call me 'Ginny'
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
I'm Ginny Icyi! I'm also known as tigger101 from Quizilla (shutdown, sadly)and Sparklie-the-Tiger from! :) I'm a BIG fan of Pokemon! I like to draw OC Sonic characters, make stories like Digimon (Digimon Savers: Golden Digisoul) though I have bad grammar... I'm sensitive, so go easy on me. I like movies from Pixar; Toy Story (1-3), Cars (1-2) & Finding Nemo and I'm trying to create my own comic story; Universe Creatures. And I'm also open minded. I prefer to fave than comments on artworks 'cause I don't know what to say when it's the same thing, but I'll try...

I will do Roleplay, but only with my friends and what kinda series I do know about. And it depends what kinda of rp, so make sure to me tell what kind of rp it is. And I'll roleplay with you as many time, but if you want to stop or put it onhold after losing interest in it, let me know. Again, bad grammar ^^;
What Series I Would Do In Roleplay
Pokemon (Game series)
Digimon (Season 1 to Season 5)
Sonic the Hedgehog
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (Part 1 to Part 4)
Wolf's Rain
The Lion King (Only films version)
If you want to do a roleplay, but you don't see it on my list, let me know what series it is, I might do it.
Rule 1. First, let's talk about the outcome of the rp we're gonna do.
Rule 2. Let me know what kind of genre of rp you want. Like romantic, funny, adventure (that is fine with me in anyway), scary and drama, plus tragic
Rule 3. It can be script/text like rp or writing rp (like when you writing a story
Rule 4. If things get uncomfortable for either of us, we can talk about it and see if what we can do
Rule 5. If you hasn't respond or reply the rp for days to two weeks, please let me know that you have lost interests in it rp (I will also do the same, but only by a day or two.
Rule 6. If you made a mistake or left something out, you can resent it back (I do the same thing, so don't worry)
Rule 7. AND if the rp gets too long (2,500 is my limited now, sorry ^^;), like over 3,000 to 4,500 notes, it's time to call it quits or continue the series of our rp in another name (depends).
Rule 8. If you want to a rp with... hard passion, please let me know before already starting without telling me.
1. No incest
2. No shota
3. Don't put too much drama in our rp. (I'm sorry, but I just can't stand too much drama)
4. No ending tragic rp (Just give me a heads up)
5. No vore (sorry)
6. No gore (maybe a tiny bit?)
TYPE/GENRE OF ROLEPLAY: Romance, angst, hurt/comfort, humor, adventure (all the way), a bit of terror, some drama, a bit tragic (? That's a maybe, I guess)

FYI: I don't do tags anymore. I don't do critiques, so don't tell me what or how to draw since I only do this for fun...

Favorite Dinosaurs: T-Rex
Favorite Music Genres: Soul, Pop and R&B
Favorite Animals/Pets/Wild Animals: Cats and Wolves
Favorite Mythologies Creatures: Dragons
Favorite Colors: In the Purple family; Violet, Black, Sky Blue and Light Rose/Pink
Pokemon White Version 2 FC: GinnyIC (On PKM Global) DragonPaws - 5329 8790 0218
Pokemon GO: (Yes! I am playing Pokemon GO!) GinnyICI

Other homepage

Youtube -…

Tumblr -
Instagram -…


OC Toon - Bow Ribbon (FULL vers on Ko-fi)
A new OC toon I've created and awhile ago and never drew her because I had no idea what she would look like. Thankfully, during the rp with a friend of mine, she's developed.

To see her full version, you can check her out on my Ko-fi homepage. You don't have to, but if you want, you can.

Full version (On Ko-fi) -

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Ko-fi (2017) Icon ultraminiCocoa Bear Dragon - Support Me on Ko-fi

Art, Character belongs to me
553 deviations
Cuphead OC - Annie Acorn
A new OC of Cuphead I had created along with the other toons I had created. I'd made her an OC Cuphead when she wasn't at first and was gonna sell her, but I've change my mind.

Anyway.... not much info about her since her plot will be develop once the next game of Cuphead comes out in 2019. However, she is an ally of the Cup Brothers, Ms. Chalice and my OC Mocha and supposedly have powers like the Cup Brothers, but also has speed. What's her personality? ...Well, that's unknown, but she's sort of not patient.

Posted on other site(s)/homepage(s)
.:Bullet:. Patreon GinnyIcyiDragon
Instagram New Icon Icyi Dragon
Ko-fi (2017) Icon ultraminiCocoa Bear Dragon - Support Me on Ko-fi

Cuphead belongs to Studio MDHR

Art, Character belongs to me



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