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Bon Bon Bon Bon Bon Bon
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Published: January 26, 2019
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The idea for art from this author - www.fimfiction.net/user/1491/s…
I rather like the relationships of these two ponies. Lyra is naive and stupid and Bonbon is sullen and rude. Lyra for Bon Bon is fun and unpredictable, Bon Bon for Lyra is reliable and caring. Both are flexible, beautiful, unstable, strong, very much for each other. 

It's like Lyra (with the morning look, disheveled hair and dark bags under her blank eyes) after overtime long sleep, pours hot coffee for herself from the coffee maker, gave a little pek to the cup with her lips and stops. She lowers it with a tap on the kitchen table. Two tiny hot drops appeared on the cold surface, immediately began to cool. and with rounded eyes she turns to Bon Bon, who quietly reads the newspaper while sitting at the table in the middle of their kitchen. And in a quiet, broken voice, kinda sour, says, completely forgetting about untouched coffee "I dreamed of a taco, wrapped in a pizza with roasted fish stuff, very tasty, disgustingly flowing down on a grass..".

Bon Bon moved the page of the newspaper aside.

"Ahah .."

"It spoke to me, it seemed to have a Swedish accent, and we went for a walk with goats to the party. Dancing goats.."

"Yeah .."

Lyra looked down at her hooves, lifting them slowly in her viewing angle, as if to make sure they were still there.

"And one of the goats brought me to a wedding. Goat wedding. And.. the bride threw flowers and I caught it, you know. But the bride started shouting something to me and pointed at me in front of everyone.. I didn’t hear what did she said, it was so blurry and scary sounds, that I  started ran away, but slipped on a taco.. and I was lying here under the table. The Wedding Table that is.. smeared with sauce from taco buddy and the goat bride girl snatched a that bouquet of flowers from me and.. began to chew it! She chew it, right in front of my fish-covered face. And then everyone started giggling and whispering among themselves and.. and.. And I tried to smile, saving myself from crying, feeling greasy fish on my lips.."

Bon Bon looked at Lyra's face, shocked and at the same time ready to throw Lyra into her most tender embrace. Lyra stopped talking, her eyes were tired, it seemed that her little green figure start to shake. With a trembling lower lip, eyes at the edge of tears, she slowly looked up at her dear marefriend and said in a teary, broken voice, "D-do you think I'm becoming old, B-Bon Bon?"
Yes, like that. Like that relationship I see between them 0w0
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This is cute. I no longer know whether we're dead, now. Maybe not quite yet. 
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