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Pokemon TCG Symbols Font

UPDATE (1/29/18): A long-overdue update. Type symbols have been reshaped to better match the squarish text symbols from official cards, most of the symbols were enlarged (again), and the Prism Star symbol was added. (NOTE: Depending on the font size, you may have to apply faux bold to symbols with thinner strokes, such as Fire and Prism Star.)

UPDATE (10/07/16): I enlarged the "ex" symbol that was too small. I also made the Type, Shining, and Mega symbols slightly larger.

UPDATE (9/28/16): Added gender symbols for Nido cards (Advance-series and onward only). Also reassigned some symbols to different characters.

UPDATE (9/21/16): The symbols were too small, so I enlarged them. Tested alongside Gill Sans and they seem to work fine now.

- - -

I take no credit for these designs, I simply vectored and converted them into a font for your convenience. I don't expect any faves, just wanted to share.

The Pokémon TCG and associated symbols are ©Pokémon/Nintendo.
© 2016 - 2021 icycatelf
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What is the Font used in the word "Energy" for the original pokemon Energies

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One of the Bauhaus fonts (Bauhaus Std Bold at 99% height, 102% width, and 35 tracking with Metrics kerning is close).

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The archive has a error

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anyone know of a font that includes these mini black symbols but from NEO redux?

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What is the symbol assigned to 9 called?
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That one's based on Miracle Energy from Neo Destiny. Figured I'd include it since I included Rainbow.
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Are there any plans to add the new Prism Star symbol to the mix?
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Check the update.
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Awesome. I run Pokemon TCG events at my local store, and this'll really help out when making notices that get posted in the store.
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Yes, eventually. I still need to update the Type symbols themselves as well (the Type symbols seen in card text are slightly different than those seen on Energy cards, which these were based on).
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This is such a good idea! This will be very helpful so thank you :D
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Glad to help. :)

The sizes of some symbols still need to be tweaked a bit. Type symbols are still a bit too small and I noticed the other day that the GX symbol (I think) was a pixel too short. I'll try to update these in the future but, until then, these changes can be made manually in Photoshop.
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That's totally fine! Thanks again!
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Sizes should be more accurate now. Also added the Prism Star symbol.
This will be so helpful! Thank you!

Just one thing is it me or do you think the dark symbol looks abit too wide than it is suppose too :)
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The Type icons are based their appearance on Energy cards, so there may be slight differences between them and the text symbols on DP-onward cards. I would've made them closer, but there simply aren't enough high-resolution images of the text symbols.
I see where your coming from and that's a bummer lol :(
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Type symbols should be closer to the text symbols now.
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