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Should make more art :/
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Alex By Cheerymori
Irl Sigteam

I'm a 30+ year-old schizoid manchild who enjoys Pokémon, anime and manga, casual gaming and Shiny-hunting, fossils, insects (especially moths), card-faking and, of course, art! My work has little consistency since I'm forever in the process of finding my own style, but it feels great to create things!

Favourite Books
Manga: Pokémon Adventures, Bakuman, Fruits Basket
Favourite Games
Pokémon GSC and HGSS

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hi, you have the link monster 4kids style for photoshop. you can pass them to me please or I can buy the file if you want.
Happy birthday, man! Here's to another year of greatness!
Your art is amazing!
Can I commission you to design some gyms badges?

I am a Play Pokemon League Professor.
I run a Pokemon meet up every Saturday for the past 2 years.
I deputize my local players as Gym leaders for a Gym challenge. 
If my locals beat all the types for TCG or VCG, Prof. Joel will buy them a pack.

My endgame is to make a Gym Badge / Trainer Card Photoshop File that I can launch onto the Web so other League Owners or groups could customize to their liking.
I can go over the details via email or Discord.
joelporter1991@live.com or Joel1007#3351

Hope to hear from you soon.
I'm playing SoulSilver, it took me for freaking EVER to catch a dunsparce!!! I cannot imagine catching a full odds shiny...it's a good thing his movepool is so good haha
They're like... 1% if not swarming (which I don't think happens in HGSS until the postgame). You can find them much easier once you get Rock Smash, though. I got my full-odds Shiny 'sparce in Gold during a swarm.

Rollout, proceeded by a Defense Curl, is incredibly useful in-game!
Yeah it was pretty crazy, took me like an hour and a half to find her haha

I actually don't like either if those lol I plan on using rollout in the beginning at least though