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Roleplay :iconicyashford:IcyAshford 1 4
Life Final Chapter #20 - 2016
Ada and Leon panted hard as perspiration rolled down their foreheads. In such close proximity to each other, Ada stared into her husband’s blue eyes, somewhat intrigued that the greys in them looked silver in the current lighting.
They remained pressed up against each other, neither yielding to the other as they achieved a stalemate.
It had been a long time since Ada had sparred so fiercely and she was grateful that Leon was there as her exercise partner. She also had to commend on his discipline, his groin was currently pressed up against her thigh and she could feel that he was not aroused yet.
Oh, the ex-spy could have won by distracting him with her feminine wiles but she chose not to.
Her arm was trembling a little bit as it remained locked against his. Leon continued to stare at his wife with a serious expression on his face. They had gotten some good hits on each other before they wound up in this position.
“Shall we call it a draw, beautiful?”
“Are you a
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Mature content
Life Chapter #19 - 2014, Part II :iconicyashford:IcyAshford 0 0
Life Chapter #18 - 2014, Part I
It had been a few weeks since Ada moved in with Leon and already, they knew each other’s preferences. Even though she had a sweet tooth for desserts, she preferred to have her tea with no milk or sugar while he liked his cup with a splash of milk. She preferred to sleep on her side while he slept on his back so most of the time, Ada would end up snuggling against him. Both of them were fastidiously neat, keeping the place clean and tidy. Dirty laundry was promptly washed when the basket was full and clean clothes were immediately folded and placed back into the cupboard.
Leon preferred cooking meals that were simple and mostly involved one pot while she was more patient, open to cooking stews and baking things in the oven. The Thanksgiving dinner last year was an exception as he wanted to woo her and it definitely worked. They did a repeat for New Year’s Eve, opting to stay indoors instead of mingling with the crowds outside. Once more, they cooked up an intimate dinner mea
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Mature content
Life Chapter #17 - 2013 :iconicyashford:IcyAshford 0 0
Mature content
Life Chapter #16 - 2009 :iconicyashford:IcyAshford 1 0
Life Chapter #15 - 2005
Subject004, formerly known as Wang Guo Xiang, was acquired via the 1984 incident in the pharmaceutical plant. He succumbed to third degree burns and was already dead on arrival. The team immediately administered a dose of the virus and he was brought back to life within a few hours. However, due to the state of decay when he was dosed, his body continued to break down into pieces day after day. He was eventually put down and incinerated along with the other failures.
This proves that we have to be selective in our subjects. It is unwise to waste valuable resources on already defective specimens. Corpses that have died of natural causes or from minimal trauma are the best vessels for the virus.
There is a silver lining to this though, Wang has a young daughter currently in the foster system. I believe she would be an asset when she grows up. All the pictures that have been collected from this research can be utilized as blackmail to persuade the girl to join us. After a
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Life Chapter #14 - 2004
This was a fairly bad time to be admiring the well-defined ass of a certain blonde government agent but Ada couldn't help but be entranced by Leon S. Kennedy. Even though she had sworn to stay away from her benefactor, she was drawn to any news of him time and again over the years. It started off with a report just over a year after the Raccoon City Incident. Just seeing his name triggered a hunger within her and one could say curiosity killed the cat.
So, Ada paid good money to obtain information about Leon. Where he lived, his occupation, and minor details of his rather sparse social life. The spy just wanted to know if he was doing well. Of course, all that had to be done covertly when she was under the watchful eye of Albert Wesker.
Ada had choreographed a dangerous dance between herself and the bespectacled man over the years. She often toed the line but she always got things done which always resulted in stern lectures by her mentor on the subject of obedience. Knowing tha
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Life Chapter #13 - 1998, Part III
"The self-destruct sequence has been activated. Repeat. The self-destruct sequence has been activated. This sequence may not be aborted. All employees proceed to the emergency car at the bottom platform."
The continuous blaring of sirens brought Ada out of her state of unconsciousness. The spy opened her eyes, hazily gazing at the ceiling and flashing red lights.
Where was she? How did she get here?
As the alarms continued to wail, she felt a searing sensation on her abdomen and memories of the past few minutes surged through her mind.
She had sacrificed herself for Leon and both of them shared a kiss. Ada could remember him crying out but after that, it was all a blur. Where was he?
"Leon…" the spy croaked weakly but no blonde knight in shining armor came to her side.
Grunting, Ada slowly pushed herself upwards and winced as she felt something sharp pricking her hip. She reached down and found the sharp end of a needle embedded in her flesh. It originated from her side pack. Hor
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The party had went on way past midnight with no signs of abating. On the contrary, the students appeared to be more invigorated than before and the teachers were no where in sight.
Couples sequestered to various spots around the hall, seeking some precious alone time as they slow danced and got lost in their own world.
Pyrrha averted her gaze when she saw a pair getting all touchy feely with one another and there was a faint blush on her cheeks as her thoughts strayed to a certain blonde...
They dissipated quickly as the aforementioned blonde returned to the table, balancing four cups of water in his grasp.
"The punch bowl ran out," Jaune said to his team who were taking a break from all the dancing.
In response, Ren reached a hand out to gently shake Nora's shoulder. The pint sized bruiser was dozing on the table, all tired out. She buried her nose against the sleeves of Ren's jacket which was draped across her back and she murmured, "Pancakes."
"It would be best to leave her b
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Mature content
Returning the Favour :iconicyashford:IcyAshford 0 0
Life Chapter #12 - 1998, Part II
Brushing past the stunned cop, Ada only managed to take a couple of steps forward before the blonde man raised his voice in a rather harsh manner, “Who are you?!”
The spy opted to ignore his words until she reached the van where she stopped and turned around to face him. “Ada Wong,” she replied cordially.
The cop frowned, not fooled by her friendly nature as he continued to question her. “And what are you doing here?”
Suppressing the urge to roll her eyes, she gestured a thumb to the vehicle blocking her path and told her tale. Hopefully the law man would believe her. “I'm looking for some guy named Ben. He's one of those reporter types, always looking for a scoop.” She gazed down, taking on the role of a pitiful damsel, “I heard he was locked up in the cell block but only there's a wrecked car barring the entrance.” Ada sighed dramatically as she shook her head in despair, “I've been trying to find another way inside.
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Life Chapter #11 - 1998, Part I
John had left for his new job posting in Raccoon City a month ago, leaving Ada behind in Chicago as she awaited further orders from Wesker. All her mentor had told her so far was to be patient. It was getting quite difficult to remain in a city where her objective did not lie as she spent her time jogging around the neighbourhood. While the April air was crisp for her daily runs, it was still rather mundane.
After her usual evening jog, the spy took the elevator up to the apartment she and John shared, only to find a pair of unfamiliar shoes outside the door. One hand reached for her pocketknife as she gently pushed the door open.
The raven haired woman was greeted by a bouquet of roses on the table and a balloon tied to a cup of hot chocolate. Her boyfriend was seated on the couch with a smile on his face and he was clad in an expensive-looking suit.
She relaxed her stance and scowled at him in return, playing the role of annoyed girlfriend. "You should have left a text. This city has
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Bad Dream
Both of them panted hard as they dodged the incoming projectile hurtling towards them. The B.O.W. had not given them any sort of reprieve since the battle began and Leon could feel their energy dwindling with each passing minute.
The one good thing they could appreciate about the situation though, was that they had critically injured the monstrous creature. It was currently in a frenzy, snapping its mandibles menacingly as it charged up another attack of spines.
Ada suddenly disappeared beneath the walkway, making his heart skip a beat. The terrain was all too familiar and it reminded him of the fight against Simmons up in the air. How long ago was it? That didn't matter as she was still clad in red, while he continued to wear shades of blue and black.
The object of his affection sailed up behind the monster and with a movement of catlike elegance that he appreciated, she landed gracefully on the B.O.W's back and plunged a block of explosives into its soft fleshy body.
She jumped off,
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He could barely make out the muffled words the Captain was shouting behind the glass but judging by Chris’ look of despair, Piers guessed that Chris did not approve of his decision to stay behind.
There were no words to be said as the escape pod was jettisoned into the deep ocean. The pod became a dot in mere seconds. The facility continued to quake around him as more debris fell from the ceiling.
Help him… I know that… you two can…
Words from over a year ago suddenly resurfaced in the depths of his mind and he closed his eyes.
His job was done. He found the Captain and was returning him back home where he will carry on the battle against bioterrorism. That was the best Piers could do given the circumstances.
A deafening thump brought him out of his daydream as he saw the transparent blue monster from before claw its way past him and began to tear the tunnel of the escape chute open, flooding the area much quicker than anticipated. There was no time to lo
:iconicyashford:IcyAshford 1 4
Life Chapter #10 - 1997
A pair of warm lips descended on her forehead and Ada stirred, blinking the sleepiness out of her eyes. The spy could feel a soft material draped on her torso and John was looming over her with a gentle smile.
“How long was I asleep?” She yawned as she sat up, stretching her limbs.
“You started dozing half an hour into the movie,” John replied as she glanced at her affectionately.
Ada did the math and inwardly cursed herself for sleeping for one and a half hours. That was precious time wasted. Though it was a given since she had returned from a ‘business trip’ in the morning. It was side mission that Wesker had assigned which involved playing a red headed vixen to obtain classified information. Not that John had to know the truth. She spent a lot of time brushing her teeth and showering to get rid of the cigarette stench that lingered in her mouth and on her skin.
“You could have said you were tired. We can watch this flick another day.”
:iconicyashford:IcyAshford 1 0
Works will be updated when I get struck by inspiration.


Residen Evil2 Remake cosplay by mayuyu0405 Residen Evil2 Remake cosplay :iconmayuyu0405:mayuyu0405 33 0 STAR WARS: CARTOON LUKE SKYWALKER by Jerome-K-Moore STAR WARS: CARTOON LUKE SKYWALKER :iconjerome-k-moore:Jerome-K-Moore 245 8 Sunset (Leon and Ada Re2 Remake) by RaidenWGT Sunset (Leon and Ada Re2 Remake) :iconraidenwgt:RaidenWGT 61 10 Captain Marvel by shibamura-prime Captain Marvel :iconshibamura-prime:shibamura-prime 304 11 hmm by Kimmy-Tsunami hmm :iconkimmy-tsunami:Kimmy-Tsunami 18 5 Loss by ForinthryHawk Loss :iconforinthryhawk:ForinthryHawk 5 1 baby's first day on the job. by Ettesore baby's first day on the job. :iconettesore:Ettesore 66 6
Resident Evil: Legacy - The Rest of the Story
Chapter 2-2 Reaping:
Viper Squad and their civilian allies are in position on the outskirts of the Village of Massif.  They witness villagers are being herded into trucks by Abkhazia rebels and soon a helicopter descends on the scene – the same helicopter that attacked Viper Squad back in the mining village.  A Russian general makes an appearance flanked by Spetznaz and also the super soldier who battled Jill on the rooftop.  A skirmish quickly erupts as the Abkhazia civilians aiding Viper Squad launch an attack.  While the attack is uncoordinated, Jill manages to infiltrate enemy lines in an effort to hunt down the super soldier.  A ferocious hand-to-hand battle ensues between the two until he manages to evade her yet again.  With the trucks leaving the village with their helpless captives, Chris and Jill meet up and jump on top of the last truck.  Out of radio contact with Viper Squad due to the continued jamming, Chris and Jill make th
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Leon Epilogue by bis1994 Leon Epilogue :iconbis1994:bis1994 12 0 Kim Possible 2019 by SarcasticLeaves Kim Possible 2019 :iconsarcasticleaves:SarcasticLeaves 46 13 Princess Carol by shibamura-prime Princess Carol :iconshibamura-prime:shibamura-prime 161 8 Castlevania Icon Folder by Mohandor Castlevania Icon Folder :iconmohandor:Mohandor 21 1 Castlevania season2 Background by artofjosevega Castlevania season2 Background :iconartofjosevega:artofjosevega 80 2 Castlevania Release Illustration by poojipoo Castlevania Release Illustration :iconpoojipoo:poojipoo 538 34 Castlevania, Happy Birthday! by poojipoo Castlevania, Happy Birthday! :iconpoojipoo:poojipoo 453 22 Castlevania by Oxcenia Castlevania :iconoxcenia:Oxcenia 136 6
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This is going to be a long post so grab a drink and enjoy as I talk about the movie.

Before I begin, I must say that my showing was sold out, surprisingly. And the lady beside me said she’s watching it 'cos of Leon S. Kennedy. LOL fangirls unite!

How’s the movie? In true RE fashion, it’s cheesy and full of plot holes. On par with Degeneration, Damnation, and the games. I had low expectations and I was sufficiently entertained.

Will I watch it again? Yeah, but only for free as there are some scenes I wanna pause to read the stuff that are on screen.

Let’s start with the characters.

Leon is no longer the person we know. He’s ten times more cynical and jaded, an alcoholic, and really doesn’t care any more. He has essentially lost the drive to keep fighting. It’s a stark change from his RE6 self. In fact, he asks Chris, “How long can we keep doing this?”

Poor guy needs a long break or at least retire. IMHO, he needs to see a psychiatrist. He has issues. There’s a very brief line about his childhood which is like, the first attempt in RE history to have one of the main characters talk about what they were as a kid.

I don’t like Leon in this movie so it is relieving that he doesn’t have a lot of screen time. Focus is more on Chris this time.

Chris may look and have a different VA but he’s still Chris in terms of personality. Boulder Redfield shines in one instance when it should have killed him lol. Oh and Chris utilises Leon’s suplex move for one of the action scenes. It’s fun to watch.

Rebecca is surprisingly the voice of reason and raises so many good points! Too bad she doesn’t get to fight much in this movie.

Unfortunately, the RE characters succumb to a dose of stupid by not killing an infected person ASAP and instead, hesitate for many seconds until said infected is already on them. I can forgive Rebecca as she transferred from field ops to science work so it’s been years since she’s been on the front line. But Leon and Chris need to be smacked in their heads for their slip up.

The villain Glenn Arias, has serious issues. He should be BFFs with Carla and Simmons, if they were alive. Oh and he would make a good sparring partner for Svetlana. The villains lately have gone to the school of martial arts. It’s written in his wanted profile that he’s a master in hand to hand combat.

Enough about the characters, let’s talk about something else. The animation and music are beautiful, as usual. I have a dislike for slow-mo in movies and thankfully it’s minimum here. The slow-mo scenes in the movie are cringe worthy.

It’s more violent this time with generous amounts of blood and disembodiment galore so it’s not suited for kids.

So yeah, flawed characters, a beautiful looking/sounding movie, and now let’s jump to the spoilers as I recap the movie! Look away if you don't want to be spoiled. Or continue reading if you're dying to know what happens and can't wait to see the movie.

The beginning of the movie has Leon walking into a morgue. He has a internal monologue about how when he was a kid, he wondered what he would do when he grew up and did not expect his life to end up like this. I feel a little sad for him and I have no issues there.

Next is Chris and his team infiltrating a base/mansion that Glenn aka weapons merchant of death is holed up in. Glenn has also taken over Tricell and Neo-Umbrella. Chris is asked for advice by a soldier. Chris says “Be willing to kill friend or family when the choice comes down to it.”

He doesn’t give the advice of shooting the undead in the head and also killing the undead right away. So, it’s no surprise his team gets killed by a kid zombie because they made the dumb move of asking a shuffling human being if “he’s okay”. *sighs*

Yep, we finally see a kid zombie! But the kid is there because his mom from the BSAA went under cover in Glenn’s mansion. Why would you bring a kid along to a house that has a known merchant who deals with BOWs??!

Also the kid can talk/respond coherently while infected. He’s the only that does so throughout the movie and it’s never explained why.

Oh and everyone but Chris wears helmets. I don’t know why. Maybe Chris’s head isn’t squishy like the rest.

There’s a female zombie that is crawling with just her spine and the rest of her body is gone. That’s some Evil Within inspired shit right there.

Anyway, Chris is naturally the only one that survives the mission. Two of his soldiers run into a supposedly empty corridor but there are wires criss-crossing everywhere so they get cut into pieces. That’s kind of impossible IMO but they’re obviously paying homage to the first live action movie with the infamous laser corridor.

Chris fights Glenn outside the mansion and the villain gains the upper hand before boasting that his new virus is so good it can discern friend from foe. Glenn also relieves Chris of his handgun but instead of shooting Chris’s unprotected head, he shoots in the general direction of Chris’s armoured back but Chris somehow ends up with an injured leg. Eh, I swore Glenn was pointing straight into Chris’s back instead of pointing down.

Glenn gloats some more and walks away with his minions that includes a blonde leather clad femme fatale whom I shall henceforth call FF because I can’t remember her name and also a Nemesis-Ustanak monster who used to be a human named Diego. Glenn then instructs the zombies to kill Chris.

BSAA helicopter shows up to save the day and the pilot doesn’t die. That’s a plus! Explosions ensue whilst Chris holds the body of the BSAA undercover agent and screams “Nooo!”

There’s a flashback of Glenn’s wedding day and his bride’s facial features as well as silhouette eerily looks like Rebecca. A fighter plane comes by and drops a bomb on the garden party. Yikes. Scene ends with Glenn bloodied and holding his wife’s disembodied arm as he screams “Nooo!” Oh boy, if any more characters scream no, this could become a drinking game but thank goodness it does not repeat.

Scene transistions to Rebecca Chambers in a lab running test simulations on which vaccine combination works best on the new virus spreading throughout the US in the past four months. Yeah, four months have past since Chris’s failed mission at Glenn’s mansion. A post doc student that looks much older than her comes in with coffee for both of them, kinda flirts with her, and Rebecca uses her Professor status to ask him to go check on something. I should note that Rebecca is breaking lab safety by drinking her coffee in the lab. RULE NUMBER ONE OF LAB SAFETY, YOU DON’T CONSUME ANYTHING IN THE LAB!

Glenn’s FF from before proceeds to kill the post doc student, infects the campus with the mysterious new virus via the airborne route through the vents. Rebecca is infected but thank goodness her lab test simulation is complete and one of them contains the perfect formula for a vaccine which gets manufactured immediately in another room within the building! So she stumbles out of lab, goes into another lab and injects herself with it and is cured. Of course, all her colleagues and friends have turned into shambling zombies. She blungeons her zombified post doc student with a fire extinguisher and stabs another undead fella with a pair of scissors. I shall attest that we do keep scissors in the lab so plus one point for that lol.

Rebecca hides in her lab and is apparently so thirsty that she lunges for a water bottle and drinks it with so much gusto. I’ve never seen someone drink water with so much vigour. FF tries to kill her by causing an explosion that shatters the protective glass barrier between her and the rest of the zombies. But Chris and the BSAA swoop in just in time to save the day. Chris and Rebecca are reunited after a long time.

So, the outbreak is contained and in the aftermath, Rebecca asks Chris why she is casually sitting outside beside a BSAA van instead of being in quarantine since she had been infected. OMG this is the first time I’ve seen a character speak sense! Chris brushes it off and says he needs her expertise and since she cured herself, quarantine isn’t needed. *facepalm* Rebecca makes a joke later in the movie about Chris being the brawn and she being the brains.

Rebecca has been mapping out the outbreaks and knows which populations are infected. She also suspects that the virus is linked to the Plaga used by the Los Illuminados years ago since the undead can be somewhat controlled and know friend from foe. It is one of the reasons why FF targeted the campus because Rebecca is too darn smart and knew too much. So, they go on a field trip to “consult with an expert”.

It’s time to go back to Leon aka the expert where he is currently on vacation in a random tavern in the Rocky Mountains. Leon is obviously not happy that his vacation is interrupted by Chris and Rebecca. His personality is a complete 180 so he’s a rude asshole that doesn’t give a fuck any more. The reason for drowning his surrows is that he was leading a team in DC for an op regarding the recent outbreaks but someone from the inside ratted them out so the whole team except him died. So, Leon doesn’t want to help any more as he is tired of losing everything. Hey, looks like the writers are touching upon that aspect of his life which the fans have pointed out long ago! It only took them 6 games and 3 movies to get there…

Chris and Leon almost come close to duking it out but don’t. Chris merely grabs Leon’s bottle of alcohol and Leon responds by pulling out a hip flask from his belt. Okay, that was funny to me. Chris makes a comment about Leon spending the rest of his week drowning his sorrows while Leon says “He doesn’t plan that far ahead.” At this point, I feel a tiny bit sorry for Leon after his bout of rudeness.

In the end, Rebecca is tired of both their shit, gives them a sample of her blood and tells them to get their act together to save the lives of the citizens at risk across the various states in the US. Apparently this new virus is lying dormant inside of everyone and is waiting to be triggered. They’ll explain more later. She leaves in a huff and heads to the washroom to calm down but that’s where she gets kidnapped by FF. Oh yeah, did I mention Glenn managed to track them all the way to the Rocky Mountains and is spying on them?

Chris and Leon talk about Glenn. Our villain ended up on the US government’s hit list for a lot of shady shit so the government dropped a bomb on his wedding day. I was a little WTF at this revelation… Leon makes a point on why he should help Chris take out Glenn when the government was the one who killed Glenn’s family. Wow Leon, I don’t know either, why don’t you tell me since you’re a government agent?

Their conversation gets interrupted by a random man barging into the tavern and Leon goes ape shit upon seeing him. I shall christen this dude as RM 'cos I can’t remember his name either. There are too many minor characters in this movie. RM is the rat who sold out Leon’s team to none other than… Glenn Arias. RM begs Leon to save his family 'cos Glenn has held them hostage. Leon doesn’t give two shits about saving RM’s family but Chris attempts to persuade Leon to do so since RM has been inside Glenn’s operation so he knows some secrets.

Before anything else happens, Diego arrives with a minigun and a small team of armed soldiers. No prizes for guessing what’s next, they shoot up the place. RIP tavern waitress. RIP RM as well. Leon and Chris have plot armour so they survive without a scratch. Oh and Chris notices FF carrying Rebecca away during the shootout.

Where do they go next? According to Rebecca’s map, it’s New York so off they go~ It’s unclear if it’s NYC and I know New York is pretty big so I’m not gonna say it’s NYC. But wait, RM passed Leon his phone before the gunfight which contains a memory card full of information about Glenn Arias. His phone rings and Leon gets freaked out upon seeing the name on the phone. He answers the call and surprise, it’s RM’s wife on the other line asking her husband if he found the man that would help them. A little girl squeals on the line and asks to speak to daddy. Leon remains silent throughout the whole conversation and RM’s wife becomes really suspicious and demands to speak to her husband which makes Leon hang up. The phone call somehow makes Leon agree to help Chris. Leon’s weakness 101, helping women/family members in distress.

Rebecca wakes up handcuffed in a room, dressed in a wedding dress. The room’s walls have gardens and flowers projected on them. There are a few guest tables in front of Rebecca and all the chairs have coffins on them which are shaking/shambling within. Glenn walks in wearing the same outfit he wore at his wedding. He comments on Rebecca’s intelligence on figuring out the virus and how much she looks like his dead wife, Sarah. He uncuffs Rebecca and remarks that he managed to reanimate all his dead guests in the coffins but since his dead wife was blown to pieces, only the arm remains.

Rebecca is understandably weirded out and proclaims her friends will stop him. Super long virus explanation time! In short, the infection contains three components: a latent virus that was spread via drinking water which was why Rebecca was so eager to drink from the water bottle earlier, a trigger virus that will… trigger the latent virus via a gas, and a vaccine that will nullify the effects to make the undead calm and obedient. Essentially, Glenn can control everyone more effectively than Saddler, I guess?

If it’s not obvious yet, Glenn wants to destroy/control the whole world because the government killed his loved ones. I told you he would be BFFs with Carla since one event made them really pissed… And his fixation with Rebecca can also make him friends with Simmons. So there you have it folks, the vendetta-vengeance-revenge plot is finally revealed.

Glenn points out that Rebecca is wrong and thanks to her blood sample, he managed to make the “A virus” stronger… through the power of RE science. Believe me, I was befuddled upon listening to his words that I have to re-watch the movie again to make sense of what he’s saying. Anyway, we have gone down the ATCG DNA sequence in naming the viruses! How “clever”.

Glenn takes Sarah’s arm and pulls off the wedding ring, intending to marry Rebecca. Of course she resists and he slaps her, saying he will replace Rebecca’s arm with Sarah’s… This man seriously has issues which could have been healed via therapy. Oh and it is also revealed that his two friends at the wedding, Diego and his daughter, FF, were brought back to life by Glenn. Apparently being brought back to life either makes you a big hulking Nemesis-Ustanak or a super sexy femme fatale with superior fighting skills.

At the same time on a BSAA chopper heading to NY, Leon and Chris read through the info in RM’s memory card which reveals that Glenn has the airborne vaccine in gas canisters labelled with a green symbol. Said canisters are hidden in Glenn’s hideout duh. Only a select few have already been vaccinated. They have to find the canisters to save the rest of NY’s populace. Oh and everyone on the chopper has been vaccinated with Rebecca’s concoction which would keep them safe from infection. I like Chris’s new team, there’s a guy with a mohawk, a dude with sunglasses, and a badass lady sniper. They need to show more female SOAs in the games and movies.

The trigger virus have been hidden in disguised water trucks. Needless to say, the gas is deployed on the ground via the trucks and shit goes down really quickly. The BSAA have to destroy the water trucks as well and they can conveniently be wrecked via explosives… I don’t know how an explosion won’t make the gas disperse quicker but it’s RE science at work once again. So, the BSAA has four objectives: Destroy the trigger virus trucks, find the vaccine, find Rebecca, and nab Glenn if possible.

The BSAA chopper finally touches down where Leon, Chris, and I think mohawk guy disembark. Sunglasses dude and lady sniper remain on the chopper to provide aerial support. The BSAA kindly loans out a Ducati motorcycle and a jeep. Leon calls dibs on the bike 'cos it’s the only vehicle in the franchise that he has not destroyed so far lol cool-looking. And surprisingly, he does not crash the motorbike at all for the rest of the movie. xD

It’s a long sequence of them destroying trucks and zombies. There is one moment where I want to smack Leon and Chris in the head. They find a van that shakes and growls. Who do they send to open up the back of the van? Mohawk guy. Who dies? Mohawk guy. What’s in the van? Two undead dogs that Leon and Chris can’t even land a hit on. Seriously, why would you open a growling van?! Why do you send an inexperienced person to open the doors?! That’s a death wish right there.

Leon decides to let the dogs chase him while Chris continues to fulfil the other objectives… If you’ve seen the teaser video of Leon on the highway, Leon does let two innocent drivers die when he shoots down one of the dogs. Those are NOT Glenn’s men at all. I guess it’s all part of the collateral damage.

Chris makes it to Glenn’s NY hideout and is joined by Leon on a motorbike. Apparently Leon rode up the stairs with the bike. Err… okay then. Again, if you’ve seen the teaser video of the corridor fight, that’s what you get along with a few more minutes of extra action of them shooting zombies in many stylish ways possible. That’s where Chris suplexes a zombie.

Both men eventually split up so Chris goes to find Rebecca while Leon goes on a zombie killing spree. Instead of getting her arm replaced, Rebecca has been injected with the new virus and only has twenty minutes before she turns/dies. I guess Glenn had a change of heart…? 

Chris finds her with minutes to spare, they go up to the rooftop office where Glenn is keeping the vaccine. Of course, Glenn doesn’t let them pass. It’s a re-match between Chris and Glenn. Both end up in a stalemate and land on a glass fixture where Glenn proceeds to smash Chris’s head against it approximately three times, causing the glass to shatter. This should have made Chris’s head crack open like a nut but this is Boulder Redfield who didn’t need a helmet when we first saw him. Chris throws Glenn through the opening in the glass where he falls down many floors and lands on the ground with a splat.

Thinking that all is over, Chris supports Rebecca and leads her to the office but villains don’t die easily as per rule number one of Capcom lore. Diego finds Glenn’s broken body and Diego activates his final form which are plaga-like appendages on its back. It is implied that Diego and Glenn merged to become that hideous monster that screams “Redfield!” in the trailer. I shall call this monster Glego.

Chris attempts to face off with Glego and looks like he’s about to lose when Leon comes charging in on his motorbike. Glego turns his attention to Leon and Leon keeps forgetting to aim for the big pulsing red heart that is conveniently located on all tyrant-like creatures. It is a pain watching Leon waste his bullets as he gets tossed around like a rag doll. Glego is about to land a final blow on Leon with his extendable finger-claws when he gets saved by Chris’s aerial support. In the mean time, Chris has found the vaccine canisters and more weapons… Oh goodie.

Badass sniper lady uses a brand new laser-ish weapon that punches a hole through Grego and five buildings. I’m not kidding about the five buildings. Who builds this kind of weapon?! Do you not care about civilians any more? Glego jumps and lands on the chopper, punches a hole through the chopper with said finger-claws and nicks sniper lady’s shoulder. Chopper starts losing altitude (as always), Leon revs up his motorbike and sends it off the rooftop into Glego. He shoots the gas tank in a big fiery explosion but Glego still lives. Pfft, you should know that fire and tyrants don’t mix.

Chris shows up with what I think is a grenade launcher which finally finishes off Glego. The chopper and its two occupants miraculously survive. They have broken the helicopter pilot curse! Rebecca inhales the vaccine and with seconds to spare, is cured.

The BSAA load up the vaccine canisters into the chopper and spray it all over the city. And for the very first time in RE history, the infected are cured and are turned back to normal. Well, they weren’t killed in the first place since they turned upon inhaling the trigger virus so I guess the vaccine reversed the effects. I’m not sure about the dead though. It’s never explained…

All of our heroes get on the chopper and fly off. Leon asks Chris how long they can keep doing this to which Chris replies with “I don’t plan that far ahead”. Haha, very funny. So err, I guess Leon renewed his drive to keep fighting? It’s really unclear. It’s not even said if he’s gonna save RM’s family anyway! Jeez.

You know, we are forgetting someone. We see FF finding her father’s mask on the floor. She looks into the camera and the movie ends right there. Great, I guess it’s a no brainer who is taking over Tricell & Neo-Umbrella.

There are no post-credits scenes and the credits aren’t as catchy as Damnation’s.

And there you have it, what I remember of Vendetta. If I left out some scenes, I found them either mundane or I really forgot them.

Are there a lot of plot holes in the movie? Oh yeah. Should they end the series and let the characters retire? OF COURSE. Can’t you see how messed up and tortured Leon is? Is it mindlessly amusing and entertaining? It’s Resident Evil, when is it never cheesy and stupidly entertaining?

I still prefer Damnation and Degeneration over Vendetta though. 6/10 for me if you want me to rate it.

And boo 'cos there’s no Jill, Barry, any of the characters from Revelations, Ada, Hunnigan, or any one from the DSO.


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