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oct. 27

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anime/manga (枢 やな!) • music (visual kei × 歌ってみた) • games (squeenix) • BJD (crobidoll × migidoll × d.o.d) • cosplay (cross!play) • otome game style bishonen (it's true... orz.) • seiyuus (小野 大輔!) • drama cds • doujins/artbooks (姫束級 様@aria) • rainy days (or nights...) • nighttime • tea/coffee (♥♥♥) • sweets • victorian era • kurololi fashion • black & white • blue-grey (especially for eyes~) • tastefully done blood n' gore • autumn (-pokes birthday-) • steampunk • ...etc

the mainstream • vegetables • shojo mangas/animes • weaboo-ish people • schoolwork • sleeping • the future • & more...

Illusion is the first of all pleasures.」
-Oscar Wilde♥

hiatus, probably.

hiatus, probably.

so, yeah. hi there. remember me? LOL. i just thought i should abuse my premium features one last time while i still have them, nee? anyway... in case you couldn't tell already, junior year is really running poor rainy into the ground. OTL. i really do wish i could continue pixeling and interacting with all the awesome people i've met through dev (yes, i know our hardly-there friendships are withering away, gaiz.) but i just don't have the time. i have one commish left to finish up, and then i guess that's about it. i'll be back though. promise, promise, promise♥ if you look over on the left, you'll see a link to my tumblr  (

con report~ [PICS!] + important update!

con report~ [PICS!] + important update!

OTAKON '10! so otakon's been over for a while... but being the bum i am, i've waited until now to post anything about it. OTL. i had an absolutely fabulous time, though~ <3 i'm already so excited for next year!seeing all the wonderful cosplays really got me interested~ imma try and do a SRS cosplay for the next con. really! kayy, because i promised... photo spam start! (kinda hetalia-themed. OTL. please skip down to updates if you're not gonna read all the way through!) as you can see, i went in a simple kuro loli. hnnnn. excuse my face. this was taken when we were still in the hotel room! i eventually had to change out of the shoes be

next pixel...?

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  • KURO - team phantomhive! :: ciel + sebby ver. of kuroshitsuji II :: team trancy by icy-rain
  • HETALIA - allies, bad touch trio, other? :: ver. of hetalia :: axis powers by icy-rain
  • other? (comment! comment!)

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Happy Birthday in a week ^^
thou-ART-avillainHobbyist General Artist
Happy Birthday in a week…I guess.
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Happy B-Day.Meow :3 
thou-ART-avillainHobbyist General Artist
Happy Birthday in a week!
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Happy birthday!
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Happy B-Day to you.Huggle! Heart 
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Happy Birthday