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I'm gonna be participating in CandyCane-Lane this year again, so here's the list of choices for this year :D

Fulmyne by Icy-Marth
My character Fulmyne is my god of lightning character, so I think some form of him being surrounded by lightning would be cool!
But that doesn't have to be what he's drawn with. Pretty much feel free to draw him with whatever you like!

Jil by Icy-Marth
Jil can also be drawn however you see fit! I'm not too picky with what she's drawn with. I'd just be happy to have something with her <3
She can be a little cocky when showing off her moves, but with friends, she's more down to earth.

Dausi by Icy-MarthTrevan by Icy-Marth
Dausi and Trevan is one of my favorite OC couples I've made, so something with them is high on my list of things I wanna get art of~
Them on a date in like a snowy setting would be cute. The little dragon on Trevan's shoulder isn't necessary to his design, so feel free to not include him~
Dausi is the more outgoing and direct of the two, whereas Trevan is more shy and such.

Snow by Icy-Marth
And my last choice is again of Dausi, but this time with his fiancee Kadaj. Same as the last choice, in that I'd really like something with a snowy-sort of theme with this one.
The little dogtag Dausi's wearing has 'KADAJ' engraved into it kinda sloppily, as it was done with a knife.
If you don't like their outfits, feel free to draw them in something different! Dausi likes to wear more goth stuff (like tripp pants, fishnets, etc) whereas Kadaj tends to wear more.. fashionable clothes. Scarves especially. Also, Kadaj's eyes, though not portrayed well here, are blue with a gold ring around the outer rim.
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September 2, 2018
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