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amelie // joan
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By SpitfiresOnIce

☆ amelie // joan ☆

hey y'all, welcome to my profile.

i am amelie(nickname 'joan' so feel free to call me like that too), a hobbyist artist/animator, mostly drawing cats and animating overdramatised storylines I made up when i was young and crazy.
every once in a while you'll hear/read me ranting about life, health, social awkwardness and other problems - beware of deep thoughts and a whole lot of up's and down's.

i usually try to reply to questions, comments or notes, but i can't promise anything.

also, i don't do requests, but you can note me for trades or commissions, if you want.

,,,in case you haven't noticed until now, i have a weird taste in humor and make shitty jokes whenever i can.

( Artwork © Aartcritique )

Coding by s-tevenquartz


heya, anyone want to give me one month core membership and i'll draw them a bust/one character scene?
i've wanted to change my username for a while now, also i'd like to re-organize my gallery with some more/other subfolders and such things.
the artwork would be something like this(maybe a bit more simplified):
don't let me drown by Icy-HeartProductions   greek god by Icy-HeartProductions
!W/MC spoilers ahead! so basically the Dark Forest/Twigtail story is too 'special' to just put it into the description of a reference, so here we are:
first off, Twigtail got killed by Dark Forest. yeah, must be pretty awkward getting murdered by your own brother because you suck and tried to-
whoops, spoilers.
well, anyways, Dark killed Twigtail and he went to the 'place of no stars'/'dark forest', which wasn't quite as popular back then as it is in the modern/future clans.
Twigtail was actually one of the first cats to go there, but he never fully understood what this place was, as he always got told all cats go to StarClan after they die.
after a little while he became slowly insane, wandering around the endless grey, open fields and woods with big, smelly trees, and started calling out the name of his brother - Dark Forest - at all times, to come and rescue him.
Dark Forest never came to get him out of cat hell, so until he'll be forgotten and disappear(that'll take some time), Twigtail will continue to wander around what is now called 'The Dark Forest', based on his calls that never ended.
holy heck it's been a long time since my last rant but here we go
I'm currently not quite in the mood for anything, but also not for doing nothing. It's worse than ever.
I have panic attacks at school more often since the school year started(mid/August) and it seriously drives me crazy sometimes.

At the same time, I feel weirdly satisfied; I have a few pretty nice people around me, I'm taking slow but steady steps towards my crush(yeah, seriously. I hate talking 'average teenager stuff'. Believe me, I could punch myself in the face for that.) and we might get a cat soon!

All in all, it's the same as last year(same procedure as every year, James!); school is hell, family is okay, friendships are weirdly pure and mental health can go fck itself in a corner. Actually it does. Just... the corner is me. (insert sad emoticon)

(by the way. if you wanna keep track with all the other weird stuff/rant/quotes I post, head over to my tumblr 'IcyHeartProductions' as I'm pretty active there. Also, be sure to follow my pal 'tsukiahiru' on there, too! they're awesome (and into weird stuff. you'll love it.)
It's always the same; you have a great day, event or whatever, and then you return to your nomral life and everything comes back to put you under pressure.
The problem here isn't the actual feeling, but rather the fact that when you're in a rather bad mental state anyway, it becomes pretty hard to get out of this 'hole'.
I don't trust this reality when it comes to this. I mean - holy fuck, this year has been one of the greatest ever to me, but at the same time I feel like shit every single day.
This isn't a post to make you feel down, or to rant about all my problems again, but to make you thin about it, too. Why are so many humans so instable?


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Thanks for the watch!! ^^
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Danke für den watch;)
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ThanXXX SOOO much for the Llama !

It has come to a good Home!

I shall tend to it and feed it assiduously!

Keep on Creating!

Cheers, Amalia!

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