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Sorry I've been so unactive for those you watching me, I've been busy out job hunting or hanging out with friends and the like. I've been really really busy.  I've also got a huge backlog of stuff to do. Lemme list them in no perticular order

-Sewing pony plushies
-NO_ones angels (youll see)
-Learning how to make 3d models/animations/effects)
-Sketching out Luna for a Hecarim custom skin for League of Legends
-Der pony(oc pony)
-Equestrian Wetgrave chapter 3
-Cover page for Sargecadets Fallout Equestria: Honest herds
-Cover page for Fallout Equestria Wetgrave
-Littlepip fanart sketch
-Heroes comic
-Male ponies 3/4 faces excercice
-The second part of how to draw ponies quick and dirty 3/4 body view.
-Try my hand at pony animation
-Eve online (playing with friends
-League of Legends (get ip for Jayce)
-Maybe make a portfolio for a potential art job if at all possible
-I need to make myself a picture for da
-I need to get photoshop or illustrator for vectoring ponies better then sai.

And more less important stuff.

Now because you guys totally rock (for putting through that) you guys pick what I do first and focus on doing. THATS RIGHT deviant art has a democracy now! So please leave a comment telling me what I should do.
doomande Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2012
get that program so you can make the art faster
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