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quick and dirty how to draw ponies.

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Published: February 21, 2012
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Welcome to the how to draw ponies, quick and dirty edition( the only thus far from me)

I made this specifically for the Brohoofs United facebook group, because when I told them I was an artist, I felt immediately obligated to make them a how to draw ponies tutorial.

Before we begin you should know what basic shapes are and have some references such as ponies who's poses youd like to imitate with your drawing.

(references are just pictures of ponies you like and that could help you with drawing something on this particular pony.)

Basic shapes: are simple geometrical shapes like circles squares triangles, trapezoids, and etc. All of these shapes can be used to help build and construct your drawing, ponies or not.

Basically what you would do with these basic shapes is build on top of them as if they are a foundation to a building. Essentially we start very simple and determine what shapes we can make out and how we can use them to draw. What shapes you find are based on what you see.

Once your happy with what you have for your basic shapes you just work in the details then by paying close attention to any reference materials you have.

But since you may not be so experienced with them I have determined what those shapes are so you can understand and perhaps use them to help build your own ponies.

Step 1: were going to start with a large circle for the head of our pony. And a cylinder for the body (the cylinder isn't as tall as our circle and shouldn't be as large as the head.

Step 2: Now that we have our head and body, we need to add the rest of the body.

Lets start with 2 of the legs and the neck. The neck uses a trapezoid shape so just place that on top of about half your cylinder and make sure that the top of the trapezoid reaches the middle of the head and then the back of the head.

Now with the legs, the back legs have hips that your going to have to draw too, but using the lines from your cylinder try to form a triangle shape in the direction you want the back leg to head in.

Once you have that done add a long trapezoid that should be about as 3/4 as long as your cylinder is in the direction to the ground.

For the forward legs, just make a trapezoid the same length as your cylinder in the same direction (or play around with it as you would like.

Step3: Alright now we add the tail, the muzzle and the other legs. Oh and the ears.

Simply for the other legs just imitate what you've done before.

The tail, for now should just be a triangle, but I suppose you could do what you want but for the sake of this a triangle will get you started.

as for the muzzle try to use a half circle since this will help you get that shape in, mind you it could be difficult to place but if you pay attention to your references it could help you place it easily. (the left eye of the pony I put so I wouldn't forget)

The ears use a kind of circular shape like the half circle from the muzzle, it starts normally from the back of the neck and moves towards the center off the circle of the head. Not exactly the center mind you.

Step 4:Now lets do the detail, but lets first do the eyes, cause I nearly forgot.

The eyes can be a bit tricky, take a good long look at your references and you will see how to draw the inner eye. But for now just focus on the placement of the oval shape of the eye majorly in the middle of the head.

after that, just take a good look at the references you've gotten to draw your pony in question, try to emulate the lines and curves of the legs(because they are tricky) play around with them and experiment.

But mostly the legs will have this backwards curve but also have a forward curve to make up the hooves and the hips of your pony.

The back of your pony will lower around the center of the cylinder and move up to both the flank and neck of your pony. Like I said before use your references to see what you can do to pull it off.

the neck will just curve into the shape and will go past the head and back out to the back of of the circle. And for the front the same thing but the neck line would meet up in the middle bottom line of that circle you drew for the head.

Don't forget to add a lines to portray the body both underneath and between the start of the forelegs.

and model in your tail but don't be afraid to leave the shape of your triangle for something nice.

Step5: Add harder thicker lines on top of the lines you wanna keep and Clean up all the lines of your drawing. Add your eyes and create whatever kind of mane you want, you shouldn't have too much trouble with it.

Once all that is done you now have a drawing of a pony. If you feel that your unhappy with your drawing, don't be discouraged to start again or find other references or tutorials to help you out.

This has been ICTG4U or alexander goudreau on facebook here to help you wonderful Fabulous fillies and Gentle colts out.
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Unknown-The-EndermanHobbyist General Artist
This makes it look easy
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Takes practice, but generally a good idea if your new to drawing, is to find the pose you want to draw trace over it, and then try to reproduce it right beside it. that way you get a hands on feel for how to do what you want. Then when your done that you can change things up of the original pose, by using other references and such.

Hope it helps.
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Unknown-The-EndermanHobbyist General Artist
Yeah, been trying out new drawing styles lately, might draw a pony sooner or later.
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Do your best when you do. And if you want I can help you out with it :D
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nds8910Hobbyist Artist
Thank you! Only one question, Do you think you could do some ponies from different angles like side view or front view?
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sure can, I'll look right away into doing that! feel free to watch me so that you know when I do post it.
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nds8910Hobbyist Artist
Alright I will, I was planning on doing it watching you any way. Thank you in advance.
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Thank you so much!
Now i can make my concept without using pony creator x3
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sure feel free to ask any questions about drawing.
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GrayBananaHobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you! This will help me draw ponies! This is a good refference yes!
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Enjoy :) and feel free to ask for help with any problems your having.
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