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Reading is good for steve

Programs used: Cinema4D R15 Photoshop CC 
Modeling time: 11h
Textures from: Minecraft
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Great atmosphere!!!
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Wow! That's so awesome! Could you add me in Skype? remo.remo123 is mine.
Have a few Questions.
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hi you now how to use cloth in C4D? im need help with that
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this is how i make the White tablecloth in the scene:
1.Create a plane and hollow out some surface to make the 
2.Put the plane few centimeters above the table.
3.Give the plane a cloth tag and the table a c
ollider tag
4.Press F8 key to play few seconds and stop. the plane will fall and cover on the table with nice shape of a real tablecloth.
5.Delete the cloth tag.
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Can you put download link for your models we can trade models i have full model pack! plzzz
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I am so sorry that i am not ready for releasing themI think I've fainted. 
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ugh i really need your models i wish we can trade ;(
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This is amazing. What did you use to make this?
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thank you! i use Cinema 4D
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Thanks a lot!:D (Big Grin) 
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Now all he needs is an enchantment table
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:) (Smile)And  lv1000  to make a Sharpness X Smite X Knockback X Fire Aspect X Looting X  Diamond sword for killing mosters

=P (Razz) More efficient way to get home well protected
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He would still need to actually go out there and slap each of them,
if he was lazy, he could instead make mobs go extinct by littering torches everywhere =P
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Knowledge is power, great picture!
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You just never sees to impress do you?

Great job and overall just amazing picture, also I notice your name in the corner. Keep doing that, I've seen some of my own art out on the internet with people trying to take credit.

With such amazing art I'm almost certain someone would try and steal it. 
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That's reason  i put my name there...
Oh, Thank you for compliment!:D (Big Grin) 
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