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iCosplay 'cos I love it!

:star: Welcome the world! Here We Cosplay! :star:

iCosplay group is the group for people around the world who love cosplaying as a life~! Everyone is welcomed! If you wanna spread the love, making friends with other cosplayer, and show off your awesome cosplay pictures, pls join us~!

:star: Joining :star:
- Cosplayers around the world are welcomed.
- Non-cosplayers are welcomed.

:star: Submitting :star:
- Pls submit your cosplay photos to the right folder.
- Pls use your own picture.
- Suggest faves are welcomed.
- Unlimited submit! XD

Pls enjoy~!!










Newest Members

You DO NOT submit Anime Cosplay photo to the "Other" folder.
You DO NOT submit Manga Cosplay photo to the "Other" folder.
You DO NOT submit Game Cosplay photo to the "Other" folder.
You DO NOT submit Vocaloid Cosplay photo to the "Other" folder.
You DO NOT submit OC Cosplay photo to the "Other" folder.
You DO NOT submit WIP photo to the "Other" folder.

- {Even thought you are presenting a finish product of your prop, if they are not an actual cosplay photo, it goes into the "In Process" folder.}
- {Wig and make up test is not considered an actual cosplay photo, so please submit them to the "In Process" folder.}

An examples of photos that goes into the "Other" folder are photos that does not fit in any categories provided, such as:
- Inspired photo shoot / Fashion
- J-Rock
- Punk
- Lolita
- Books

Comics, cartoons, and series used to fit into the "Other" folder.
Recently, I have just created a "Comic and Cartoons" folder for you (So basically any thing western.).

As for the TV series cosplays, I have decided to have it fit with the "Movies" folder, now renamed to "Movies and Series" folder.
Animations films that goes into the theater such as, Disney, Pixar, Dreamworks, etc, also goes into this folder.

Please submit the photos in to the correct folder. If you made a mistake, you can always ask me to move it. I will be happy to help you out.

Thank you.

Ps. Any photo sent to the "Featured" folder will be ignore.
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Gallery Folders

Anime and Manga
Happy Time by maskplayers-group-mx
Alois 2 by maskplayers-group-mx
Alois x Ciel by maskplayers-group-mx
inu x boku ss 4 by keithshiro
Anime and Manga2
Psychedelic Dreams by KamiSachiko
Nel Tu- Eurobeat King 3 by DustbunnyCosplay
Kurapika Cosplay from Hunter X Hunter by yuki29
Lucky Star - Tsukasa fail by YumiAznable
Anime and Manga3
Hellsing Cosplay: Good Work, Police Girl by Redustrial-Ruin
Arakawa Under the Bridge Maria 01 by shuichimeryl
WORLD END by hexlord
Avatar: The Last Airbender 2 by keito-nyan
Anime and Manga4
Macross Frontier - It Is So - 01 by shiroang
Misa Amane Cosplay: Bad Romance by Redustrial-Ruin
Macross F - Fly with Us by vaxzone
Cosfest 2011 - 24 by shiroang
Anima and Manga5
AFA 2011 - 19 by shiroang
Code Geass: With You by Green-Makakas
FLCL teaser + VIDEO by Benny-Lee
Trinity Blood Cosplay: To die for you by alberti
Anime and Manga6
Atago | Azur Lane | Evenink_cosplay by IraNyaaasha
Eleven - Stranger Things - by Evenink_cosplay by IraNyaaasha
Witch Mercy | Overwatch | Evenink_cosplay by IraNyaaasha
Bunny D.Va | Overwatch | Evenink-cosplay by IraNyaaasha
Anime and Manga 7
Maid 2B by IraNyaaasha
Rin Tohsaka | Fate/stay night | Evenink by IraNyaaasha
Makima nurse | Chainsaw Man | Evenink by IraNyaaasha
Boosette | Mario | Evenink by IraNyaaasha
Anime and Manga 8
Cosplay nurse Rem by Neyr0Desu
Cosplay nurse Rem by Neyr0Desu
Ryo Saeba - City Hunter - Just a Hunter! by DashingTonyDrake
Alice in Wonderland by elara-dark
Anime and Manga 9
Cosplay Neko Megumin by Neyr0Desu
Cosplay Megumin by Neyr0Desu
Songstresses by sarifromwonderland
Hmm Let Me See (Nozomi Flower Bouquet) by Heatray2009
Anime and Manga 10
Comics and Cartoons
The Amazing Spider-Man - New Pain by DashingTonyDrake
Xayah and Rakan - League of legends couple cosplay by ChimeraCosplay
Games 2
Yennefer of Vengerberg, Part V by Mircalla-Tepez
Game 3
Yennefer of Vengerberg, Part IV by Mircalla-Tepez
Game 4

Mature Content

Apex Legends - Lewd Wattson at Rest by SovietMentality
Movies and Series
Harley Quinn in Lair by ChristabelQ
Cosplay Hatsune Miku (White Bunny ver.) by Neyr0Desu
Vault Missy (I) by ArwendeLuhtiene
Elven ranger/Emeldir cosplay I by ArwendeLuhtiene
In Progress
Kyo Kusanagi Cosplay WIP by StealthNinja5



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