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Tab Bar iOS Icons

Tab Bar iOS Icons collection will help each iPhone and iPad application developer get his GUI in order. The icons from this library can be used in navigation, tab bars and toolbars, as they specifically meet the icon guidelines for iOS applications. Technically, there are 1256 unique app icons created in matching style in PNG and PSD formats with black and white versions, in sizes 20x20, 30x30, 40x40, and 60x60 pixels.
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eFuseMediaLtd's avatar
Wow – I like the really simple ones. Kinda funny how icons have changed.
MatthewHolt's avatar
great set of icons. facebook rules
JosephPanico's avatar
Always a huge fan of sketch type work. Awesome set!
MartinTubb's avatar
Can you do a YT icon???
HansGeorgDoerr's avatar
very nice looking icons! Thanks
JanvanNoort's avatar
Thank you man. When my mobile project become payed I will donate for ya =) Do you have paypal?
RobertMarx's avatar
Interesting idea. Great result!
CarstenPedersen's avatar
Hey great icon set some of them are very useful for my next project. Thank you
FranGlasco's avatar
Great collection, thanks for sharing!
iconsofnewyork's avatar
Very cool !! Thanks a lot for this
icondissappeared's avatar
Your the best! Your icons are so fun. Thanks!
dcomputericons's avatar
Thanks, nice collection
kurosakiicons's avatar
thank you so much..
cutekoreanicons's avatar
An amazing set! Thanks a bunch.
Bayamon's avatar
Great set of icons. I like IconPak.
shaunofthede's avatar
so cute, and nicely done!
cartoondeskt's avatar
very nice, always amazes me the quality of some icons out there. How do they produce such quality.
makepicturea's avatar
great – i love it
inlovingmemo's avatar
One I like a lot and use often and think you missed icons
greencheckma's avatar
Nice set of icons.
mariakanelli's avatar
Great! Thank you for sharing.
mileycyrusic's avatar
Wow, nice icons. My favourite is that japan style!
digitalsigna's avatar
Wow! love it! thanks~ :^)
createashort's avatar
Thanks for sharing, this is a GREAT icon collection!!!
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